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237,300 annual salary, plus $21,357 deferred compensation

Roseville, Calif.- At its May 19 meeting, the City Council will consider an employment contract for Ray Kerridge, who was selected by the Council on May 6 to be Roseville’s next City Manager.

The proposed contract calls for a $237,300 annual salary, an additional allocation of nine percent of salary ($21,357) as a deferred compensation contribution, no car allowance, an effective date of June 17, a four-year term, and more conditions related to termination and severance pay.

This differs from the contract with the previous city manager, Craig Robinson, which had a $273,800 salary, a $750 per month car allowance, no termination date, and required severance payments or 12 months’ notice unless the manager were actually convicted of a “felony involving moral turpitude.” At the time of his departure in October, Robinson was receiving deferred compensation at a rate that would have paid $21,084 on an annual basis.

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