mountain lion

Potential mountain lion encounters and what to do

Roseville, Calif. – Several people have reported seeing a mountain lion in Miner’s Ravine and the Olympus Pointe neighborhood recently.

Here are some tips from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for those who live in mountain lion territory, to reduce the chances of encountering a mountain lion.

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Don’t feed wildlife.ย By feeding deer, raccoons and other wildlife in your yard, you might also attract mountain lions that feed on them.

Keep your pets secure inside your house, or in an outside kennel with a secure top.  Don’t feed pets outside, as their food attracts feral cats, skunks, raccoons and other potential mountain lion prey. Don’t run or hike alone on the trails.   Go in groups, and closely supervise children.

If you encounter a mountain lion

  • Don’t approach the lion, and make sure it has a way to escape; never block its path.  Most mountain lions will try to avoid a confrontation.
  • Don’t run away, which might trigger their instinct to chase.  Pick up your small children, trying not to bend over while doing so, and don’t turn your back on the lion.  Make eye contact with it.
  • Don’t crouch down or bend over.  Stand tall and make yourself look as big as possible.  Throw rocks, wave your arms and speak firmly in a loud voice.  The idea is to convince the lion that you’re not prey, and that you might be a danger to it.

If you’re attacked by a mountain lion, fight back.  People have successfully fought off mountain lions with rocks, sticks, jackets, garden tools and their bare hands.

Call police immediately to report all mountain lion encounters or attacks.

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