Daniel J. Vance is a licensed professional counselor and national certified counselor from Vernon Center, Minn. His weekly newspaper column Disabilities has been published in more than 260 newspapers. The archives date back to 2006 and many remain relevant and inspirational.

Couple Managing Several Disabilities

In a telephone interview, 62-year-old Bernice said, "I was born prematurely and was exposed to oxygen in the incubator. The result was called retinopathy of prematurity

Parent Has Twin Daughters with Cerebral Palsy

Jon Ebersole believes his 24-year-old twin daughters' shared disability, cerebral palsy, created at times a challenging experience for him

Retired Navy Captain Assists Returning Vets

Tom Mayhew was only 6 when he watched his father march his mother down the hall of their El Paso, Texas, home with a rifle pointed at her back.

Brain Injured Volunteer Helping Brain Injured

Every year at this time, I try featuring a person who shows the spirit of the season in walking the extra mile to help people with disabilities.

Do You Know Someone with PTSD?

From statements heard over the last decade in public, I believe I'm safe in saying a majority of Americans, if asked, would say posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects mostly men that served in the military under life-threatening conditions.Nothing could be further from the truth.

Woman Starts “Letters of Hope”

In late 2011, then 20-year-old Malinda Shultice of Altoona, Iowa, unexpectedly became pregnant while at Iowa State University majoring in journalism and political science.

Double Amputee has Mom with Alzheimer’s

On Christmas Eve 1995, diabetic Dan Adragna was admitted to a clinic in Santa Cruz, California. Over the next few days, he would have double pneumonia, kidney failure, an emergency tracheotomy, and his heart would stop four times.

Asperger’s Syndrome being redefined

Dr. Diane Twachtman-Cullen, editor-in-chief of Autism Spectrum Quarterly, began working with children with autism 25 years ago, "back when autism was a rare disorder,"

A Most Miraculous Story

Except for the pseudonyms used, the story I'm about to tell is true. I know it's true because my wife personally knows the people. For several reasons, they just didn't want to reveal their real names

Harvard Graduate Fights Bipolar Disorder

The world seemed to come crashing down on June 20, 1993, for then 36-year-old "Bart" of Queens, New York. Before that day, he had college degrees from Dartmouth and Harvard, and was earning $135,000 a year in business