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Welcome to Roseville Today’s section on disabilities. Featuring a combination of original content, guest posts, inspiring stories, and practical tips. We hope you’ll find this section useful and informative. May it lift you with encouragement, empower you with empathy, and fuel you with compassion.

Mom Serves Dementia Residents

Last week, I introduced you to Tish and Joe Griffin, mother and son, of Destin, Florida. (They first read this column in the Walton...

Searching for Understanding: Part 2

Last column, I introduced you to "Joshua," a deaf man in his 40s currently serving a lengthy prison sentence, in part for trying to...

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

'Ann' is fifty-seven years old, lives in central Missouri and prefers remaining anonymous. She has multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome (MCSS), which the National Institute of Environmental Health Science defines as

Sierra College Foundation closing equity and achievement gaps

Rocklin, Calif.- Sierra College Foundation (SCF) closes out Academic Year 22-23 with its momentous Scholarship Celebration. The Foundation awarded nearly $350,000 to over 200 local students to help pay for school year 2023-24

How Polio changed one man’s career and life

What many people call "bad," 71-year-old Arvid Schwartz of Green Isle, Minnesota, calls "good." In 1952 at age 12 and while growing up on the...

Content With Vascular Dementia

It's rare I interview a person with a disability who is very comfortable about having a not-so-great prognosis. But Sven Dorsey truly is upbeat...

Lehrer Becomes Internationally Known Artist

Riva Lehrer and I are the same age and grew up only three miles apart in Cincinnati. Yet our school experiences differed greatly."When our school bus went down the street, people often would scream at us,"

Loretta Claiborne Ran to Success

Roseville, CA - You may have seen the Disney made-for-TV movie The Loretta Claiborne Story, in which a partially blind, African-American woman with an intellectual disability

Brain Injured Volunteer Helping Brain Injured

Every year at this time, I try featuring a person who shows the spirit of the season in walking the extra mile to help people with disabilities.

The Benders and their backs

Shari and Jack Bender have more in common than just sharing a home in Phoenix, Arizona. For one, they both had painful, career-ending back and neck injuries.

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