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Daniel J. Vance is a licensed professional counselor and national certified counselor from Vernon Center, Minn.

His weekly newspaper column Disabilities has been published in more than 260 newspapers.

Daniel J Vance

Flip Schulke

Occasionally, I feature famous people. Although likely not recognizing the name of Flip Schulke of West Palm Beach, Florida, you certainly would recognize his photographs. He is one of America's greatest photographers.
Daniel J Vance

Taunts often hurt for life

In mid-April, the California State Senate passed a bill prohibiting the words "mentally retarded" from being used in any of its laws.
Daniel J Vance

Lawyer Lauds National Federation of the Blind

In the first of two columns, last week I featured Chris Danielson of Baltimore, Maryland, director of public relations for the 50,000-member National Federal of the Blind
Daniel J Vance

Iraq Veteran Amputee

On June 18, 2006, Sgt. Joshua Gutierrez of the 4th Infantry Division out of Fort Hood, Texas, was on patrol near Osut, Iraq, searching for missing U.S. soldiers.
Daniel J Vance

Wife Learns About Dementia Firsthand

I began noticing something wasn't right in 2006," said 67-year-old Linda Buytendorp of Crawfordville, Florida, "but I was in denial and so was my husband. I told him he needed to see a doctor
Daniel J Vance

Business Executive Fights Dementia

It was a rough transition for Paulan Gordon of Cincinnati, Ohio. She had been at the
Daniel J Vance

Peter Kellett and Trisomy 18: Part One

You can hear pain in Mary Kellett. Her 6-year-old son died in 2011. Yet the fact Peter died may not be as painful as the way.
Daniel J Vance

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

In 1996, Jennifer Goudy and her husband felt excited that their long-standing dream of having children was about to come true. They were in Russia adopting two boys, brothers ages one and two.
Daniel J Vance

Managing Parkinson’s Disease

Ruth Hess lives in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, not far from the Walton Sun, which publishes this column. In 1996, a doctor diagnosed her 74-year-old husband Gerald, who had served in the Air Force as a chief master sergeant, with Parkinson's disease
Daniel J Vance


Jerry Bambery owns five fast food restaurants that grossed more than $12 million in combined sales last year. He agreed to this interview because he wants more people talking about major depression.