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Welcome to our section on disabilities. Featuring a combination of original content, guest posts, inspiring stories, and practical tips. We hope you’ll find this section useful and informative. May it lift you up with a little encouragement, empathy, and compassion.

Student Starts Invisible Disability Club

About nine months ago, I featured 22-year-old Ohio State student Harley Jo Skorpenske, whose open letter to all the people who had criticized her for using handicapped parking spaces

Mom and Son with Disabilities

Mary Anne Fleury of Elizabeth, Colorado, has experienced disability from nearly every angle.

Father Trying to Build Understanding

Joseph Hernandez of Auburn, Washington, knew before his son's birth that his son would have a birth defect, spina bifida. The only thing in doubt was whether Joseph would hang around.

Georgian Caught Between Two Cultures

Gary Frazier and I have known each other about ten years. From Milledgeville, Georgia, he reads this column nearly every week and emails comments a couple times a year.

Being Blind and Age 16

"Aralynn" isn't her real name. The reason she wants anonymity will become clear. She was born with septo-optic dysplasia, which in her translates to her being completely blind

Brighten Nursing Home Residents Holiday

Millions of Americans will spend the holiday season as residents in a nursing home or assisted living facility, and nearly all have a disability. Many of these facilities do everything humanly possible to help make their residents happy. But they can do only so much.

How Polio changed one man’s career and life

What many people call "bad," 71-year-old Arvid Schwartz of Green Isle, Minnesota, calls "good." In 1952 at age 12 and while growing up on the...

Double Leg Amputee Completes Marathon

On August 22, 2004, 17-year-old John Tartaglio of Milford, Connecticut, awoke with leg pain. "It was similar to growing pains but more intense," said...

Person with Autism Starts Business

I hear dogs love them. David Shunkey of Albuquerque, New Mexico, makes Peanut Butter Puppy Bites, which are crisp canine treats shaped to resemble dog...

Amazing Zach

This August, my family and I attended our ninth Joni and Friends Family Retreat. The sponsoring organization, Joni and Friends, has retreats like this...

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