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Daniel J. Vance is a licensed professional counselor and national certified counselor from Vernon Center, Minn. His weekly newspaper column Disabilities has been published in more than 260 newspapers. The archives date back to 2006 and many remain relevant and inspirational.

Vietnam Vet Won’t Seek PTSD Help

My featured person this week is "Maryanne," the adult daughter of a former Marine who most likely has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Raising Awareness for Mental Health

In the U.S., the month of May is (or was, depending on when your newspaper publishes this column) "Mental Health Awareness Month."

Mental Illness Stigma

I planned a long time ago writing a column on the way many less than perfect humans refer to less than perfect humans with mental illness

Father and Son Navigate Autism

"Jason" became personally acquainted with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) when his child, "Tommy," was diagnosed at 4. Jason, which wasn't his real name

Secondary Conditions Worsen Disability

A person with a disability often has more to deal with than just his or her disability. According to a study in an American Journal of Public Health and involving 2075 respondents

Make-A-Wish the Real Deal

Not long ago, the Center for Investigative Reporting and Tampa Bay Times released a list of the "Worst 50" U.S. charities in terms of the amount of money those charities paid out to professional solicitors.

Father Wants Son Happy

The National Institutes of Health defines autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as a "complex developmental disability" with symptoms starting before age three that causes "delays or problems in many different skills"

Trauma grounded Air Force Vet

Last week, a woman who developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being abused as a child was featured here

Too disabled to fly on US Airways

You may have heard about Michigan resident Johnnie Tuitel being removed from a September US Airways flight after the airline declared he was "too disabled to fly." This bizarre story appeared on Fox, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and hundreds of local radio and television newscasts

Autism Sibling

To shield her identity given her current occupation, 25-year-old "Stephanie" preferred using a pseudonym for this column. In the mid-'90s, a doctor diagnosed her then 4-year-old brother "Kenny" with autism.

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