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Welcome to Roseville Today’s section on disabilities. Featuring a combination of original content, guest posts, inspiring stories, and practical tips. We hope you’ll find this section useful and informative. May it lift you with encouragement, empower you with empathy, and fuel you with compassion.

Fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease

You can hear the emotion in Mike Krikorian's voice while describing his friend, Pam Callahan, who passed away last February from ALS, also called...

Man with Down Syndrome enjoys life

Evelyn Heckhaus of New Bern, North Carolina, and her 40-year-old son Ed talk daily. Their close relationship began 40 years ago in 1971 at...

Mingo Turns Despair Into Hope

Sometimes, a person with a disability may struggle emotionally to the point of pondering suicide. Robert Mingo of Minneapolis has been there and felt...

Bert Shepard, One-Legged Pitcher

August 4 marks the 65th anniversary of a great moment in baseball history. In 1945, lefty Bert Shepard, an amputee with an artificial leg,...

Bipolar Disorder

The National Institutes of Health defines bipolar disorder as "a serious medical condition" causing dramatic up and down shifts affecting a person's mood, energy,...

Alzheimers – We’re still the same person

Mary Ann Becklenberg of Dyer, Indiana, began noticing Alzheimer's disease symptoms more than two years ago. "I worked for a hospice as a licensed clinical social worker and at the time was the person that had introduced a new program there," said 64-year-old

Asperger Syndrome

A National Institutes of Health website defines Asperger syndrome as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) characterized by "impairment in language and communication skills, as...

Syncope is Fainting

Andrea DiTullio reads this column in The Desert Advocate, near Phoenix, Arizona. She experiences a condition called syncope, which, according to a National Institutes of Health website, 'is the temporary loss of consciousness due to a sudden decline in blood flow to the brain.

Joni Eareckson Tada (Part 1)

Joni Eareckson Tada likely is the most famous person you've never heard of.

Tahoe Meadows accessibility ramp campaign underway

Tahoe City, Calif. - A boardwalk trail meanders through Tahoe Meadows near Mt. Rose summit, providing visitors with incredible views and signage about the local flora and fauna. Access to the boardwalk, however, is currently limited

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