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Singing in a community chorus, easier than imagined

Sacramento, CA- Ever think it would be fun to sing in a community chorus? Maybe you have fond memories of singing in a high school, college or church choir. Maybe you just like singing in the shower or in the car. Maybe the kids are gone, maybe you’re retired, maybe you’re divorced or widowed – or maybe none of those things. Now would be an excellent time to fill that void in your life, put that talent you have into practice, and join with other people in a profoundly fulfilling activity.

There are 40 or 50 community and college choruses in the greater Sacramento region, and now is one of the two times during the year that they’re recruiting new singers. Many are conducting formal auditions in July and August, but more are simply inviting singers to come for a rehearsal and see if there’s a fit. Some are completely unauditioned and will take all comers. And the basic requirement is that you’re able to carry a tune. You don’t necessarily have to “read” music: that’s an ambiguous term anyway. The minimal requirements are much less than you imagine.

You can find a chorus that specializes in a particular kind of music, though most perform a wide variety of songs. So how do you find the right one for you? If you live near a college or university, you can bet that they have at least one choir. And though it’s not widely known, these college choirs welcome non-students as members. Beyond that, it’s not hard to find a community chorus that rehearses at a time and place convenient to you. The best source of information on both community and college choruses is the Sacramento Choral Calendar, which includes an Audition Directory with a wealth of helpful information.

Here’s the thing. Don’t wait. If you don’t act now – in August – you’ll have to wait until January for the next opportunity to experience the joy of singing in a chorus.

More info at Sacramento Choral Calendar

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