Roseville, Calif.- The City of Roseville Fire and Parks and Recreation Departments are partnering to promote fire safety and environmentally sensitive land management. Tentatively scheduled to for May 21st, the City will be kicking off what has become an annual vegetation management and fire mitigation project involving goat grazing. A private company, Ecosystems Concepts, has been contracted to perform the work. The project will begin within the Open Space below Lincoln Estates Park along Dry Creek. We will be expanding the use of grazing to other preserve areas within the City.

Ecosystems Concepts uses goats as its primary tool in its holistic land management plans. A forced intensive livestock grazing method is employed to achieve the desired vegetation management goals. Specifically, the goats will graze a 30-foot firebreak between the homes and the open space, thus reducing the fuel load and ladder fuels creating a defensible space.

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The animals eat primarily twice a day beginning early in the morning. During the day they will rest. They will start up again in the early evening until they bed down for the night. Goats consume 5% of their body weight each day making them one of the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly tools available. On average, 100 goats will clear approximately 1 acre a day.

The goats will be contained in a portable solar charged electric fence. Residents in the area are encouraged to keep their dogs on leashes and to monitor children while viewing the animals. They are also asked not to feed the animals. Ecosystems Concepts will be on-site 24 hours daily to monitor and manage the project. Grazing time varies from area to area based on herd size, types of vegetation, thatch levels, and terrain.

Ecosystems Concepts will also be posting signs and/or delivering informational flyers to the homes adjacent to the effected open space areas.ย  Any questions concerning open space management may be directed to Open Space Manager, City of Roseville Parks and Recreation Department, at 916-746-1755.ย 

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