Sweet dog found in plastic bin, covered in feces with urine-stained feet

Roseville, Calif. – A dog was found abandoned in a corner of the Atlantic Street Pet Emergency Center parking lot under terribly inhumane circumstances. He is in good hands now. The approximately 2-year-old male pit bull was found trapped in a plastic bin, covered in his own feces. His feet were stained yellow from lying in his own urine for a sustained period of time, and he was severely dehydrated. After initial care from Atlantic Street, the dog, now named Rory, was brought to the Placer SPCA. “It’s unclear how long Rory was trapped, but considering the condition he was in, it must’ve been quite some time,” said Leilani Fratis, Chief Executive Officer of the Placer SPCA, Placer County’s largest animal welfare agency. “Despite the terror he was put through, Rory is an exceptionally sweet and trusting dog. He deserves the best, and we are determined to find him his second chance at happiness.” According to Placer SPCA officials, Rory received his vaccinations and is being neutered.  He passed all health and behavior tests and was described as “happy and wiggly” by the Placer SPCA staff.  Rory will be ready to find a permanent, loving home very soon.  For information on the Placer SPCA’s adoption process or how you can support the organization, visit