Friday, April 12, 2024
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Real Estate

The latest updates in the local real estate market for Roseville, Rocklin and the greater Sacramento Metro region. Tips and tricks when buying or selling a home.

Outlook for First Time Home Buyers

Sacramento area Realtor, Julie Jalone of MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, writes about the shortage of existing homes on the market and he impact on first time buyers.

Young Adults Living at Home are Ready to Buy

Roseville, Calif.- New data shows that young individuals living at home with their parents are ready to purchase. This age group, 25 to 34, saved enough while staying with their family to move out independently.

How to Deal with a Lowball Offer on Your Home

Roseville Realtor, Julie Jalone of MagnumOne Realty, gives some advice on how to deal with lowball offers if you have a house for sale.

Home Seller Profits Climb

Rising profits and uncertainty in real estate Roseville, CA- According to an article published by the National Association of Realtors, home sellers all across the...

Where are people leaving California going?

California Real Estate Trends Roseville, CA,- In a recent article published by REALTOR Magazine, we are seeing a trend of people moving across state boundaries....

What is Your Realtor Doing?

Roseville, Calif. - Have you ever wondered what your real estate agent is doing when they are not with you?ย  In the occasionally confusing,...

๐Ÿ’ซ Local Spotlight

Making a Splash in Roseville at Steve Wallen Swim School

Roseville, Calif. - Steve Wallen Swim School in Roseville teaches swim lessons and water safety for infants, kids, and adults of all skill levels.

Welcome to the Brighter Side

FEMA Recognizes Roseville as “Best in the Nation”

Roseville, Calif.- Roseville's status as the first city in the nation to achieve the highest Class 1 rating for flood protection by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was recognized back