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The latest updates in the local real estate market for Roseville, Rocklin and the greater Sacramento Metro region. Tips and tricks when buying or selling a home.

Young Californians: Living with Parents

Realtor Julie Jalone, of MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, writes about why a growing number of young adults are living with their parents longer than ever.

House Not Selling: When to lower the price

Julie Jalone from MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, provides six reasons to consider a price reduction of your house is not selling

Bidding Wars: Home Buying Competition Heats Up

Bidding wars are back, agents report growing competition In a January survey, real estate company, Redfin, reported agents faced competition on over 58 percent of...

Home Prices Up as Inventory Falls

With the largest year over year decline in inventory the Sacramento area housing market leads the nation with a 68 percent drop in available...

Banks prefer short sales to foreclosure

Over the past six months we are seeing more banks willing to agree to a short sale to avoid having to go through the...

How Expensive is Homeownership?

Understanding costs of owning a home Roseville, CA- Owning a home is expensive. What some call "hidden" costs of owning a home include things...

Increasing Home Sales: Real Estate Update

Realtor Julie Jalone of MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, writes about a recent report from the National Association of Realtors which is showing a surge in autumn sales across the country.

Can You Get a Mortgage?

The thought of applying for a mortgage can be scary for many potential home buyers.ย  We are seeing fewer first-time buyers in the Sacramento/...

California Real Estate Forecast

For most, it is no surprise to read the housing market here in Sacramento and around the state has improved over the past year...

Housing recovery held up

The California and Sacramento housing markets are expected to continue to recover in 2013 as home prices are forecasted to increase for the third...