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An unusually high number of vehicle burglaries have been reported throughout Roseville over the past three weeks, in motel parking lots, retail parking lots and residential areas. Most of the burglaries occurred during the nighttime hours. In about half of the burglaries, the thieves smashed the vehicle window and took property from inside the vehicle. In other cases, thieves found the vehicles unlocked or the windows partially open. The most commonly stolen items were portable GPS navigation units, although purses, wallets, tools, briefcases, stereos, garage remote controls, cameras, and other valuable items were also taken.

Residents and visitors are urged to lock vehicles, roll all windows up, and to not leave valuable items in their vehicles, especially purses and wallets containing credit cards and personal identification.  Residents are also urged to park their vehicles inside their locked garages at night if possible, and to call police immediately to report any suspicious activity.

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