Terms and Conditions

Digital Purchase Agreement

Terms of Buying

When making a digital purchase from Rocklin & Roseville Today, you accept the following terms:

You warrant to us that you have carefully considered the suitability of your purchase and that you have chosen appropriately; you cannot cancel a completed purchase of an item.

When making a digital purchase, you agree to indemnify Rocklin & Roseville Today from any damages, liabilities and costs related to your purchase.

Business Purchases

1. You agree that you are acting with the consent of the business registrant.
2. You agree that you are acting with the legal authorization to conduct business on the registrant’s behalf.
3. You agree to accept and abide by all the terms and conditions set forth in this user agreement.
4. You understand and agree that this agreement constitutes a binding legal agreement between Rocklin & Roseville Today and you and/or your represented business.
5. You understand and agree that the Rocklin and Roseville Today website properties may, at its own discretion, withhold the right to initiate or activate service until after payment has been received, unless we issue you a written waiver in advance granting delay of payment.
6. You authorize Rocklin and Roseville Today to bill your credit card according to our fee schedule.