Sacramento Music Scene

Nightlife operators express optimism & enthusiasm to advocate for regulatory changes.

Sacramento, Calif. – First and foremost, the California Capitol Venues Coalition (CCVC) would like to thank the City of Sacramento and staff for commissioning this important study, administered by Sound Music Cities. We would also like to thank Mayor Steinberg for championing these issues and highlighting the need to capitalize on the identified opportunities.

This represents a pivotal moment for Sacramento to bring all stakeholders together, identify present opportunities, and work towards our shared objective of strengthening and cultivating Sacramento’s current momentum in arts and culture growth.

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We appreciate the opportunity for venues specifically to have a seat at the table as we take steps to address the census’ findings. Through decades of combined experience, our local venues have been able to provide insight into their daily operations and the challenges they encounter as well as share suggestions for how the community, the City, and regulatory entities can collaborate towards a future that is more music-friendly.

CCVC has been proud to advocate successfully at the local and state levels for arts, culture, and nightlife as we continue to recover from the pandemic and the timing for these conversations and steps brings promise as we look to the future. Our members (the brick and mortar venues within Sacramento) look forward to working with all other interested entities and the City to discuss how we can work together to build towards our recognized potential. This full potential can be achieved by focusing on several objectives.

Objectives Focus

  • Streamlining permitting processes for good actors in event production,
  • Creating more sustainable opportunities for our local artists, and
  • Expanding local music business professionals’ access to resources that will allow them to further develop their skill sets.

“Cultivate the local live music ecosystem”

“The data tells the story, from the musicians to the venues to the music business professionals. Now that it’s on the table for discussion, it is our responsibility to the community to embrace a mindset of collaboration to address the points identified in this study,” says Julia Heath, President of the California chapter of the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA). “We look forward to working with the city to streamline processes that will make it easier for the good actors to continue to cultivate the local live music ecosystem.”

“We look forward to working with the City of Sacramento to create a stronger creative economy for the artists, venues, and promoters,” says Jim Cornett, owner/operator of Harlow’s and Cafe Colonial. “Regulatory reforms identified in this survey will create a more friendly climate for small businesses to operate and continue to contribute not only to the arts and culture scene, but to the broader local economy as well.”

Advocate for reforms

CCVC looks forward to collaborating in earnest with all stakeholders, including and especially our elected representatives to take advantage of the opportunities identified. We look forward to convening operators throughout Sacramento to collectively advocate for any reforms to the current regulatory process and get them across the finish line.

The California Capitol Venue Coalition is the unification of Sacramento’s independent entertainment venues to advocate for the city’s brick-and-mortar establishments that are the foundation of its local creative economy. We serve to ensure, strengthen, and cultivate Sacramento’s current momentum in its arts and culture growth that represents the city’s identity as California’s Capital.

Summary Report

Learn more at Sacramento Music Census

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