New California Laws

New California Laws 2023: Part Three

Sacramento, Calif.- Part 3 in New California Laws for 2023. This installment includes hate crimes, law enforcement accountability, recycling, franchises, foster youth, elections, compassionate release and more.

For full text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.


AB-551Disability retirement: COVID-19: presumption.
AB-557Hate crimes: vertical prosecution.
AB-558School meals: Child Nutrition Act of 2022.
AB-587Social media companies: terms of service.
AB-631Alcoholic beverage control: licenses: nonprofit cultural film exhibition companies.
AB-649Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery: Office of Environmental Justice and Tribal Relations.
AB-655California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform Act.
AB-657Healing arts: expedited licensure process: applicants providing abortions.
AB-661Recycling: materials.
AB-662State Fire Marshal and Emergency Medical Services Authority: peer-to-peer suicide prevention.
AB-666Substance use disorder workforce development.
AB-682Planning and zoning: density bonuses: shared housing buildings.
AB-732Mercury Thermostat Collection Act of 2021.
AB-738Community mental health services: mental health boards.
AB-740Foster youth: suspension and expulsion.
AB-748Pupil mental health: mental health assistance posters.
AB-759Elections: county officers.
AB-769Corporations: meetings: state of emergency.
AB-775Contribution requirements: recurring contributions.
AB-778Institutional purchasers: purchase of California-grown agricultural food products.
AB-847Electrically conductive balloons.
AB-852Health care practitioners: electronic prescriptions.
AB-895Skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities, and residential care facilities for the elderly: notice to prospective residents.
AB-916Zoning: bedroom addition.
AB-920Craft distillers: direct shipping.
AB-923Government-to-Government Consultation Act: state-tribal consultation: training.
AB-960Compassionate release.
AB-972Elections: deceptive audio or visual media.

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New California Laws

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