New California Laws

New California Laws 2023: Part Twelve

Sacramento, Calif.- Part 12 in New California Laws for 2023. This installment includes alternatives to incarceration, information security, building standards, forensic examinations in domestic violence, firearm manufacturers, and more.

For full text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.


AB-2131Child daycare facilities.
AB-2134Reproductive health care.
AB-2135Information security.
AB-2137Family justice centers.
AB-2139Building standards: local rebuilding plans: state of emergency.
AB-2142Income taxes: exclusion: turf replacement water conservation program.
AB-2143Net energy metering: construction of renewable electrical generation facilities: prevailing wage.
AB-2145Dental services: long-term health care facilities.
AB-2148Workers’ compensation: disability payments.
AB-2152Vehicles: off-highway vehicle recreation: City of Needles.
AB-2154California Insurance Guarantee Association.
AB-2155Cannabis beverages.
AB-2156Firearms: manufacturers.
AB-2158Local educational agencies: ethics training.
AB-2159Reunification services.
AB-2160Coastal resources: coastal development permits: fees.
AB-2163San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority Act.
AB-2164Disability access: certified access specialist program: funding.
AB-2167Crimes: alternatives to incarceration.
AB-2169Criminal procedure.
AB-2170Residential real property: foreclosure sales.
AB-2172Political Reform Act of 1974: electronic filings.
AB-2173Public contracts: payment.
AB-2174Vehicles: removal from private property.
AB-2176Live birth registration.
AB-2178Physicians and surgeons: special faculty permits: academic medical center.
AB-2179COVID-19 relief: tenancy.
AB-2183Agricultural labor relations: elections.
AB-2185Forensic examinations: domestic violence.

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New California Laws

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