West Park High School

Police Search Yields Names of Potential Targets

Roseville, Calif.- On Saturday, 5/21/22 Roseville Police received a report about a student from Westpark High School. The report stated, the student in question had previously brought a gun to school and also had identified individuals they wanted to harm.

Roseville Police began investigating and contacted the student and parents associated with the report. Additionally, several other students and parents were contacted about the possible incident.

At the associated student’s home, two replica firearms were willingly produced/identified by the student. The student and parents cooperated with officers in the investigation.

List of Names

On Monday, 5/23/22 additional evidence was produced that lead officers to contact and question the student again. While searching the students backpack, a list of names was located with a reference of wanting to potentially harm the specified students. Identified students and parents associated with the list have been contacted by police.


Roseville Police is continuing to investigate the incident. The student involved in the incident has been arrested and booked into juvenile hall on charges of making criminal threats. The parents involved are continuing to work with Police during the investigation.

At this time, Roseville Police believes the school, campus, and students are safe and there’s no ongoing threat. The involved student is a minor so their identity will not be released.

We encourage anyone with information about this incident to contact the Roseville Police Department at 916-774-5000. We further encourage students to always report suspicious activity to an adult or the Police Department.


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