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Placer County’s Largest City, a Great Place To Live

Roseville, Calif.- Out of state and non-local marketing companies that regularly post their “Best Places to Live” lists are always a fun and entertaining read. It’s always exciting to see your city on the list. Who doesn’t enjoy a little validation! It’s also a fun way to discover some additional positives about your community. Yay!

Our list of the Top 8 Reasons We Love Roseville includes a combination of local community feedback and personal insights during our time living in this great city. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us here!

Top 8 Reasons We Love Roseville

1: Trails

An example of smart development planning, Roseville provides an expanding network of trails for its residents. Each new development adds and connects into a paved trail system like a never ending jigsway puzzle. Shared by cyclists, walkers and nature enthusiasts, the trails weave throughout the city effectively bring together many neighborhoods, parks and open spaces. Well done Roseville!

2- Open Spaces

Great egrets, flocks of turkeys, grazing goats and other resident animals rely on Roseville’s open space for their existence. Vernal ponds and creeks help to nourish the open spaces and provide food and a home to our fellow creatures. Spend just a little time out here and you’ll surely be rewarded with a visit. Dawn and dusk are the perfect time to spot animals or to capture a spectacular California sunset.

Roseville Overpass

3: City Services

Roseville is the only full service city in the region and among a elite group in all of California. Residents enjoy an exceptionally cared for and well maintained community that can be evidenced at the clean local parks, open spaces, and public areas. They also enjoy safe, more reliable and less expensive electricity! In our personal experiences, we’ve witnessed a city that is more responsive to its citizens than most communities. That’s not so common. Kudos!

4: Weather and lack thereof 🙂

We love the heat of summer, the evening chill of autumn nights, the mild rains of winter, and the technicolor of spring. Consistent and often predictable year in and year out, Roseville area weather is spectacular on many fronts. If warm sunshine is your thing and adverse weather conditions are not, Roseville is your place.

5: Location, Location, Location

Roseville in Spring

Looking at a map of California, you’ll be hard pressed to find a city more conveniently located for those that enjoy exploring the Golden State. Whether it’s a simple morning hike in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, a day trip to the San Francisco Bay Area or a more expansive trip beyond, Roseville’s location provides a centrally located home base. Quick access to and fro Sacramento Airport is an extra benefit. Local residents love to travel and Roseville’s location definitely sits in a sweet spot!

6: Growing Diversity

Fresh ideas, alternate perspectives and different backgrounds and beliefs continue to fuel our region’s prosperity and success. An influx of highly educated residents and cultures has helped create a more contemporary, forward thinking Roseville and Placer County. Diversity adds a richness and depth to our city that portends an even brighter future.

7: Public School System

In our experience, from Elementary and Middle to High Schools, we’ve found the Roseville public school system to be staffed and managed with many extraordinary individuals. We’ve discovered a culture of integrity and one that is inclusive. We’ve also experienced exemplary programs for those with disabilities and special needs. We’ve seen the caring and acceptance funnel down through the student body in their interactions. Shout out of gratitude to Cooley Middle School and Woodcreek High! How a community treats the marginalized, remains one of the true marks of what embodies a great community.

8: The People

It all comes down to the people. When caring about your community, striving for kindness and working together for the common good, everyone wins. From our vantage point, Roseville is a winning place to live!

9: Pragmatic Governance

The most desirable places to live in California and elsewhere often share one thing in common, regardless of the political leanings of the population. That’s pragmatic and balanced governance. In our view, Roseville has done an exceptional job and it’s one of the reasons the community is the epicenter and the future of Placer County.

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