Sutter Roseville

Becoming Placer County’s First Teaching Hospital

Roseville, Calif.- A new medical residency program is being launched in one of the fastest-growing cities in California in an effort to train and retain qualified physicians and medical specialists to care for the burgeoning region.

Sutter Roseville Medical Center is becoming a teaching hospital, having recently received accreditations for graduate medical education programs in two specialties – surgery and internal medicine – and plans to add at least three more residency tracks within the next five years.


It is the latest and largest teaching program in Sutter’s integrated network to offer this advanced training to upcoming physicians, The first 19 resident physicians will begin summer 2022, and the program is expected to expand to include up to 150 residents.

Rapid and significant population growth, combined with an aging population, have already challenged the healthcare capacity in South Placer County and throughout the greater Sacramento region.

The multidisciplinary residency program is an opportunity for Sutter to remain ahead of the projected growth and continue delivering high-quality patient care – squarely at the heart of Sutter’s mission as a not-for-profit integrated network of care.