Roseville Trails

Safety made simple on trails

Roseville, Calif. – At times, it feels counterintuitive and perhaps that is the reason this rule is sometimes ignored or simply not followed in Roseville. Perhaps, some residents are simply unaware despite the numerous signs posted trailside in town.

If you’ve ever traversed Roseville’s growing network of interconnected trails, you may have missed this simple safety rule. We’ve seen many near collisions, confusion and misplaced hostility when this safety rule is not followed.

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So what rule are Roseville residents seemingly unaware of?

Roseville trail signs

Pedestrians on the left, cyclists on right except when passing

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. If you’re walking the trails, please stick to the left side for your own safety. Just like on the roadways, cyclists are the vehicles and ride on the right side of the road except while passing on the left.

This vastly improves the odds and opportunities for both pedestrians and cyclists to visually notice each other while easily avoiding accidents.

Next time you’re on the trails, consider taking a quick moment to review the informative green signs posted near trail entrances. Like so many others, we were guilty of using the wrong side before taking time to review the signage.

The Roseville trail system is a community treasure, be safe and have fun.

See you out on the trails!

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