Inspiration Garden in Roseville

Courtyard garden to save 35,000+ gallons of recycled water annually

Roseville, Calif.- With nearly 60 percent of household water consumption occurring outdoors, educating customers on water-efficient landscapes is Roseville’s top priority – rain or shine. Roseville’s water efficiency division will unveil its newest water-saving resource with the addition of the Inspiration Garden on May 11. Inspiration Garden is located at Martha Riley Library / Utility Exploration Center facilities.

It consists of 300 plants ranging from low and moderate water use plants, 37 percent California native species, and the right mix of plants to encourage pollinators. Once the plants have been established, we estimate saving more than 35,000 gallons of recycled water annually.

Opportunity to learn

Programming is underway to make this resource a teaching area where Roseville plans to hold classes on the latest water efficiency and stormwater quality management approaches. In addition, it will include many gardening best practices to give tangible tips – from irrigation efficiency and proper planting to complete retrofits of existing turf.

Roseville's Inspiration Garden
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