Professional Development

Professional Development Makes All the Difference!

Roseville, Calif.- I’ve always loved watching our school district operate similar to a little city within a city. Each and every one of us–staff, admin, students, educators, volunteers and families– plays an important role in our district. Like cogs in a clock, we all work best when we’re working together and given the tools to do the job. So it’s important to me that everyone receives the support and resources they deserve so they can do and feel their best.

For our staff and educators, Roseville City School District (RCSD) is committed to providing quality professional development (PD) to nurture those needs. This ensures that our educators are well prepared to meet the instructional needs of all students in our district. PD is offered in various ways throughout the year. You may already know about the four non-student days that allow us to gather for PD, but did you know that we also have grade level and department cycle days? We make it a priority to offer after-school learning opportunities too.


Our PD is driven largely by the Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC), a team of teachers and administrators, who help to recommend focus areas of our Professional Development Plan. This allows us to continue supporting the academic, behavioral and social-emotional needs of all RCSD students. Thank you for your invaluable insight and recommendations, PDAC!

Unique student needs

As of this school year, RCSD is a city within a city of 11,560 students – and counting. That is 11,560 different sets of needs, skills, challenges and opportunities. This is why we double down on the investment in our staff. They are unique, devoted, skilled and competent in serving our students with true compassion and care. At RCSD, your students are in good hands and we relish that honor. Thank you, families and students, for being part of the city within a city that puts children at the center of it all.

Derk Garcia, RCSD Superintendent

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