Election 2020

Conservative stronghold and shifting demographics

Roseville, CA – Placer County, long a bastion of conservatism in California continues to change.

Waves of development, family friendly neighborhoods and economic opportunity continue to attract residents from throughout California. As the population continues to grow, the move to a more pluralistic county is projected to tip the balance of power within a generation should long term trends continue. A similar scenario played out in Orange County, a former conservative enclave turned blue.

According to Official Placer Elections, Democrat voter registration has outpaced Republican registration in the last nine years by a whopping margin of more than 10-3. Republicans still retain a sizable, yet dwindling advantage in Placer County.

The voter registration data also shows the biggest percentage change in voters not wishing to be associated with either party, specifying other parties or no preference.

Updated May 12, 2021

Placer County Voter Registration

Placer County Voter Registration
Placer County Voter Registration since 2006.
Republican RegistrationDemocratic RegistrationOther / No Preference

Data Sources: California Secretary of State
and Placer County