Folsom Lake Super Bloom

Looking Back a Year Ago, Purple, purple, everywhere.

Granite Bay, Calif- 2022 has been another beautiful year of lupines around the shores of Folsom Lake and the American River. However, just for fun, we’re taking a look back at some snaps from the Folsom Lake Super Bloom of 2021. Enjoy!

Folsom Lake has receded and a lupine super bloom has taken over the shores surrounding the lake. Spectacular imagery surrounds the lake and it won’t last long. Beeks Bight is a hotspot due to its proximity to the color burst with the parking lot filling in the early morning hours. If you don’t mind an 1-3 mile roundtrip walk, consider parking near Dotons Point. Head toward the lake and follow purple toward the Beeks Bight color show. Essentials to bring: Water, hat and comfortable shoes. A few of our quick snaps.

Folsom Lake recedes
Folsom Lupine
Folsom Lake lupine
Beeks Bight
Granite Bay
Beeks Bight

Map & Directions

Folsom Lake entrance fee is $12

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