Derk Garcia

Supporting your child’s success in education

Roseville, Calif.- I blinked in August and now it’s February 2022. The march of time is never lost on me as I watch each of your children grow up before my eyes at our 20 school sites. And since February is the month of love, I can’t help but become sentimental over how quickly time passes when you’re doing something you love. I love working alongside RCSD staff and administration, watching them dedicate countless hours to professional development, classroom prep and showing up as their best selves for their students. I also love watching our network of engaged parents being actively involved in their child’s education, a factor we know is one of the main markers of academic success for students.

At RCSD, we love having families, guardians and parents as our partners in education. This is why we rely on several communication tools to equip you with the knowledge you need to support your child’s success.

Communication tools

  • The RCSD Weekly Communication is a high level update emailed to families nearly every week. These updates provide details and resources on COVID testing and data, student registration information, important upcoming dates and events, and hiring news. We include links to further reading and do our best to proactively communicate with our families and the community. We also archive each weekly communication at for your reference (in English and Spanish!).
  • Love it or hate it, social media is one of the number one ways most Americans receive their local and national news. This is why we have a presence on the most used platform; it’s an opportunity to share exciting happenings from about the District. Follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram @rcsdchampions!
  • These monthly articles have become a favorite communication tool in recent years because it allows me and RCSD to connect with families and staff, but also with our greater Roseville community at large. This helps us to reach supporters of the Roseville City School District Foundation, neighbors of school sites, partner organizations and more. We love being part of this community and hope you enjoy these regular updates too.

Partner in Education

Roseville City School District

As we move through the rest of the school year and beyond, we will continue to keep our lines of communication with you open, detailed and proactive. Thank you for being our partner in education.

Derk Garcia
Superintendent Roseville City School District

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