Updated: June 2024

Folsom, Calif.- Summer is almost upon us and California’s reservoirs are brimming from snowmelt! Anticipation is high for another fantastic year of water resources.

The previous two wet seasons have delivered California from a horrible drought and catastrophic fire seasons. A more than ample dose of precipitation these previous two years quickly tamped down on the doom and gloom projections.

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California’s 10 largest reservoirs should deliver an epic summer season in the Golden State! Explore and Enjoy!

California's Top 10 Reservoirs

Fun Facts

  • Taller than the Hoover Dam, the Lake Oroville Dam at 770 feet is the tallest in the United States.
  • An acre foot is approximately 326,000 gallons. The average U.S. household is estimated to use between one half to one acre foot per year.
  • In 2017, the Lake Oroville Dam spillway at risk of failure caused a large scale evacuation

Total Outdoor use accounts for an estimated 30 percent of water use according the U.S. EPA.

California reservoir levels over time

June 2024

RESERVOIR% Capacity% Average
Shasta Lake94113
New Melones87140
Don Pedro94117
Lake Oroville100125
Trinity Lake87110
San Luis Res6086
New Bullards Bar99112
Lake McClure95142
Pine Flat Res98141

Nov 1, 2023

RESERVOIR% Capacity% Average
Shasta Lake69129
New Melones79147
Don Pedro81123
Lake Oroville68134
Trinity Lake5086
San Luis Res65145
New Bullards Bar69115
Lake McClure65152
Pine Flat Res56202

January 1, 2023

RESERVOIR% Capacity% Average
Shasta Lake3357
New Melones2953
Don Pedro5886
Lake Oroville3669
Trinity Lake2338
San Luis Res3454
New Bullards Bar68 110
Lake McClure2762
Pine Flat Res2675

November 1, 2022

RESERVOIR% Capacity% Average
Shasta Lake3158
New Melones2445
Don Pedro4975
Lake Oroville3161
Trinity Lake2238
San Luis Res2555
New Bullards Bar62 103
Lake McClure1842
Pine Flat Res1656

Oct 1, 2021

RESERVOIR% Capacity% Average
Shasta Lake2439
New Melones3563
Don Pedro5074
Lake Oroville2236
Trinity Lake2943
San Luis Res1226
New Bullards Bar4167
Lake McClure2045
Pine Flat Res2059
Folsom Lake2341

Top 10 California Reservoirs – July 4, 2021

RESERVOIR% Capacity% Average
Shasta Lake3848
New Melones5079
Don Pedro6177
Lake Oroville3139
Trinity Lake4755
San Luis Res3251
New Bullards Bar5362
Lake McClure3753
Pine Flat Res2841
Folsom Lake2935

data source: California Dept of Water Resources

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