Back to School Safety

Important reminders for Driving in School Zones

Roseville, Calif. – It will soon be back-to-school time. Many kids, teachers, and parents are eager to return to a regular routine of a daily school schedule. With kids going back to school comes the hustle and bustle of more pedestrians crossing the street, riding their scooters, and traversing the roadways while listening to their favorite tunes.

As drivers, it’s our responsibility to always be on the lookout for potential road hazards, which includes kids attempting to cross the street by suddenly stepping off the sidewalk or popping out between parked cars.

School Zones Safety Driving Tips

  • Be on the lookout for signs, signals, crossing guards, and school buses with their lights on.
  • When approaching a school bus, obey the lights and never pass a school bus whose lights are red, or the stop sign is extended.
  • When entering a school zone, always obey the traffic laws, and slow down.
  • Watch for crossing guards and obey their signals.
  • Be aware of children near schools, playgrounds, bus stops, sidewalks, cross walks, in the streets, at the corners, or in parking lots.
  • Avoid passing other vehicles while driving in a school zone.
  • Never make a U-turn in a school zone.
  • Never text while driving, especially in a school zone.
  • Avoid using your phone unless it is completely hands-free.
  • Avoid any distractions such as loud music, eating, applying makeup, etc., especially in a school zone and when children are present.
  • Unless licensed to do so, never use handicap or emergency vehicle lanes or spaces to drop off or load/unload children at school.
  • Watch for children and adults riding bicycles.
  • Watch for children/teens walking who appear distracted (looking down) as they may be looking at their phone and may not hear or notice your vehicle.

Returning to in-person school means more kids on the street and adults on the road. Accidents are bound to happen. Let’s do our part to avoid these incidents where we can and keep our eyes on the road and our kids as safe as possible.

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