Sunset Whitney Recreation Area

Rocklin treasure, a golden opportunity

Rocklin, CA- Sunset Whitney Recreation Area in Rocklin is now open. A golf course for some 50-odd years has now been repurposed for community use. The 184 acres now includes over 5 miles of trails. (The City acquired the property for $5.8 million)

Originally built at a time when Rocklin’s population teetered around 1,600, residents were anxious for the now defunct Sunset Whitney Golf Club to be turned from a weed farm into recreational use.

Easily accessible golf cart trails remain for use.

Best Time to Visit

With fully exposed trails, expect more visitors during the cooler hours at dawn and dusk. Following winter rains, a profusion of colors along with seasonal ponds and creeks should make winter and spring exceptional times to visit.

South Whitney

South Whitney Crossing

Golf balls at SWRA
Remnants of the recent past

Currently, users are navigating South Whitney traffic and the median strip to reach the adjoining portion of open space. The stop street at Midas about 1/2 block away is the safer option.

Dogs and Trash

Please be respectful of your neighbors and keep your dogs on a leash. Carry in, carry out any trash.

Quick Info

Newly opened with more enhancements and improvements on the way, Sunset Whitney Recreation Area is a Rocklin treasure that should be a golden opportunity for the community for years to come.

  • Parking lot is off of Midas Ave.
  • Water fountain and jug filler at trailhead.
  • Restrooms? Not sure, didn’t see any.
  • Bring sunscreen and hat.

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