Gull Lake

Music in a Magical Place returns to Mono County

June Lake, Calif.- After the pandemic caused us to go virtual in 2020, and to postpone in 2021, we are coming back strong in 2022! Many JLJF veterans, understanding the uniqueness of our mountaintop, lakeside music festival – and the specialness of our kind and creative community – see our comeback, not as an event as usual, but as a sort of return home. Home to a place of Love. Home to a place of Friendship. Home to a place of Music. Home to a place of Magic.

To commemorate this very special edition of our festival, we commissioned this poster from renowned artist Darrin Brenner to capture the transformational nature of our boutique mountain music celebration. We promise you, there will be no place like home. Tickets here!

2022 Lineup

To fulfill this promise, we have curated an exceptional lineup of bands across the musical spectrum – jammy, funky, bluegrassy, folky, bluesy, and more – who will deliver jams that are memorable and inspirational.

  • Cubensis
  • GrooveSession
  • Dead Winter Carpenters
  • Moonalice
  • Shaky Feelin’
  • Achilles Wheel
  • Jelly Bread
  • see full lineup below!
June Lake

This is a celebration, not just of surviving, but of thriving. This is a reunion. This is a time, through laughter, music and dance, to remember those we lost, and commune with those we consider Family and Friends. Let’s face it: While we’re pleased to present this all-star musical lineup to you, we know YOU being a part of US is the secret to our success.

Our success supports the June Lake Loop Performing Arts Association in their mission to bring art and music programs to kids in Mono County.

Bring your partners! Bring your friends! Bring your family! When you all arrive to experience “Music in a Magical Place”, it won’t take you long to realize โ€ฆ you aren’t in Kansas anymore!

Welcome home!

Tickets here!

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