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Astaxanthin – 6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C

Sacramento, Calif.- There is a good chance that you’ve already heard about antioxidants and their incredible anti-aging, cancer fighting, heart disease preventing properties. You are also likely to know that they can be identified in a variety of foods such as blueberries, salmon, and wine. But, did you know that there is an antioxidant source more powerful than the top five antioxidants in the world? Meet astaxanthin – the most powerful antioxidant you’ve never heard of.

Astaxanthin’s highest natural concentrations can be found in wild pacific sockeye salmon as well as algae, red trout, crab, and lobster. All of these display a red pigment from the algae containing astaxanthin that they eat. To give you a picture of its potency, the astaxanthin formulation in the AstaMed MYO prescription offered by doctors here at Sacramento Naturopathic. Medicine possesses an antioxidant that’s 6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C and 5,000 times more powerful than green tea.

No single goji berry, piece of dark chocolate or slice of pecan stands a chance next to astaxanthin’s ability to help the body rid itself of harmful free radicals, fight oxidative stress, promote anti-inflammation and support a strong and healthy immune system. In fact, it is the only antioxidant capable of penetrating every cell in the body, balancing out the harmful free radicals scattered around all parts of our system. Astaxanthin also helps with eye, skin and brain health. See study link showing the brain health benefits of astaxanthin.

Additionally, for aspirational aging, this life-changing antioxidant has the capacity to address the loss of muscle in aging adults, referred to as sarcopenia. A recent article presented by the University of Washington study which demonstrated that a prescription formulation of astaxanthin, in AstaMed MYO, showed significant increases in muscle strength and endurance during modest exercise. To further understand the benefits of astaxanthin, take a look at AstaMed MYO, which is using natural astaxanthin formulation to create a prescription medical food for the clinical management of sarcopenia.

Always make sure to ask your naturopathic doctor how to best incorporate astaxanthin into your lifestyle.

Dr Dennis Godby

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