Cronan Ranch 2020

Cronan Ranch Hike Serves Up Solitude and Beauty

Pilot Hill, Calif. – Not enamored with the prospect of a lengthy car ride, we turned our attention to Cronan Ranch for a new hiking adventure within an hour’s drive from Roseville.

My son and I packed a cooler for lunch, filled our CamelBaks and in less than an hour, weย were all smiles as we set foot on a new trailhead. Enthusiasm for a new adventure would help fuel us on this hot, August morning as we explored Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park.

Located in Pilot Hill, Cronan Ranch is a short drive just a stone’s throw off scenic Highway 49 on Pedro Hill Road. A singular, modest sign marks the rather nondescript rutted dirt entrance to the park. For newcomers like ourselves, the entrance is quite deceptive, for once inside, the park proudly displays immense beauty that at times reminded us of vast central coast ranches and East Bay Area hikes.

The undulating golden hills dotted with majestic oaks and the occasional patchwork of greenery feels like classic California. A weekday visit provided us with a great deal of solitude. With the exception of the infrequent hiker or horseback rider, we had plenty of time for quiet contemplation while taking in the magnificent views.  In the distance, we enjoyed watching a sheepherder on horseback manage his singing flock.

Hot Summers

Be prepared for the heat. The trails we explored were all well exposed to the summer sun with few opportunities for shade. Other hikers raved about the beauty of taking the ridge hikes. With temps pushing into the 90’s, we wisely opted for a 5-mile roundtrip hike that would take us to the South Fork of the American River.

American River Cool Down

An easy 2.5 mile stroll down to the river offered the ideal midway rest point. Being the only ones around, the South Fork provided the perfect place to grab some shade, a snack and take a dip. The water was running cold and fast. Small, slow moving water hugged the shoreline just enough for my son to get a good soaking. Water shoes are essential to navigate the water’s edge. Be extra cautious where you play, if you get snagged by the current, you’ll quickly get carried downstream. Also be on the lookout for deer or mountain lions who use the path to grab a drink.

The Return Hike

While the walk down to the river was almost effortless, the hike back has ascents that while not steep, do require a bit more energy.  Under the heat of the midday sun, you can expect a fair workout on your legs for the 2.5 mile return.

Green Landscape Returns during Winter

Cronan Ranch is a splendid place to hike and explore, all within a short drive from South Placer County. We soaked in the beauty of the golden-hilled vistas and cool waters of the roaring South Fork of the American River as we imagined the bold green colors that must come alive here in the spring. We can’t wait to return Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park.

Map & Directions for Cronan Ranch

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