Cordelia Community Park

Cordelia Community Park

Fairfield, Calif. – Zipping along the highways and byways of California can get boring fast if your pit stops consist solely of gas stations and rest areas. That’s a surefire snooze fest.

Nothing breaks up long trips around the Golden State quite like a touch of exploration. On a recent drive along 680, we needed a break and a quick Internet search helped us find Cordelia Community Park just a few blocks off the freeway.

Synonymous with wind, Cordelia is an area of Fairfield, CA named after the wife of a native Connecticut clipper ship captain. Thankfully, the wind was kept at bay as we sailed into town with a calm and pleasant breeze.

Cordelia Community Park contains a large selection of amenities. Ball fields, enclosed dog play areas, picnic tables, skate park, playgrounds and walking trails and more. The restrooms and park overall were very clean.

This park also has beautiful views to take in during your visit. The surrounding hills were a vibrant green and the perfect backdrop as we ate lunch and perused the trails and rest of the park.

The next time you’re traveling 680 and need to stretch the legs or just take a short break around the Fairfield area, Cordelia Community Park is just about perfect.

Located at 1300 Gold Hill Rd. in Fairfield, CA