Bike Huts

Parking facilities for cyclists

Santa Ana, CA- The bike hut is a stand-alone, enclosed bike parking facility which offers cyclists shelter and security for their bikes. Each unit is accessible via a card reader or key code, and is equipped with vertical tracks to support/lock 12 bicycles. They are solar powered, have security lighting, and video surveillance.

Four units, located in Downtown, Civic Center and the Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center, are part of the initial phase. The project is funded by a Federal Transit Authority “Transportation Enhancements” grant, which requires that the units be located to support “first mile/last mile” options for individuals transferring from transit or Metrolink to places of employment or business districts.


Step 1: Select your membership service plan.
The City offers two service plans:

  1. Monthly Plan ($6 per month) โ€“ Great Value. Sign up for the Monthly Plan for unlimited 24/7 access to all Bike Hut facilities for a one month period. At the end of the month, your personal pin code will be deactivated unless you renew or purchase another Service Plan.
  2. Annual Plan ($50 per year) – Best Value: just $4.17 per month! Sign up for the Annual Plan for unlimited access to all Bike Hut facilities for a one year period. At the end of the 365 day period, your access key fob and personal pin code will be deactivated unless you renew or purchase another Service Plan.

Step 2: Sign up online.
To obtain a membership, you need to complete an online form, select a membership type, review and accept the user agreement, provide your billing/contact information and enter payment type. We accept payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover), check or money order.

Step 3: Look for your Personal Pin Code and member package in the mail to get started!
Once your payment has been received you will be sent a unique pin code which will provide you immediate access to any one of the Bike Huts. We will follow up with sending you a membership package that contains some general information and your key fob (annual members only):

  1. You will receive your personal pin code immediately upon successful membership payment.
  2. You will have access to you personal Dashboard. The Dashboard provides you with usage information, a way to manage your personal profile, a message center and special discounts provided to members.
  3. You will receive your membership package and access key fob within five (5) business days.
  4. You may use your key fob and/or personal pin pad to access any one of the Cityโ€™s Bike Huts.

Have a question about Membership? Call (949) 275-6365 or email us at [email protected].

How It Works

Santa Ana Bike Huts are modular secure bike parking where monthly and annual members can store their bikes for the day or short duration. Currently, Membership is required and only available on-line, but we are considering short-term usage (click here to register). There are four facilities in the City with access provided by either a personal pin code or RFID key fob. You can view locations here. Each facility has parking for up to 12 bicycles and is equipped with the following (we will add photos to each bullet point below):

  • Combination RFID reader and pin pad. The reader is located on adjacent to the door. Member access can be gained two ways โ€“ using a personal pin code or, annual members can use both their pin code and a key fob.
  • High Definition Digital Camera. Each Bike Hut has a high definition digital camera that streams images 24/7. This provides additional bike security and safety for members.
  • Vertical Bike Rack. Each Bike Hut has 12 vertical bike racks to store/park your bicycle. Each rack has a loop for using a member provided lock.
  • Automate LED Lighting. Each Bike Hut has LED lighting to provide greater visibility and safety during evening hours.
  • Solar Power. The Bike Huts use energy efficient solar power to power the unit.

Here Are Some Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQโ€™s)

Can I park my bike overnight or for several days?

Overnight parking is allowed, but you cannot store your bicycle for several days. If you run into a situation where youโ€™re bike will be there for over 24-hours, please call or email us so we do not cut the lock and impound your bike.

Why am I required to use a bike lock if the door is locked?

While access to the Bike Hut is through Membership, locking your bike to the rack while you store it is for your own protection. While the Bike Hut is secure, locking you bicycle is a theft deterrent โ€“ not a guarantee that your bike will not be stolen and/or tampered with. Your bike is still your responsibility when left inside the Bike Hut.

Can I go in and out of the Bike Hut several times a day?

Yes, there are no restrictions for using the Bike Huts.

What are the security features?

Only Members with active memberships are provided access in the Bike Huts. Personal pin codes and/or key fobs will be immediately deactivated if they are reported lost or stolen. Each Bike Hut has lighting and feature glass wall that allow people from the outside to see whatโ€™s happening inside the facility. There are also security cameras.

What if I see someone suspicious inside a Bike Hut?

Anytime you see someone inside a Bike Hut and are suspicious and/or concerned about your personal safety, do not enter the Bike Hut and call 911 to make a report.

Does my Membership give me access to all Bike Huts?

Yes, membership entitles you to access to any of the four Bike Huts located in the City.

How do I know if there is available space at a Bike Hut?

You can check Bike Hut parking available by viewing the map by clicking on the map link. Weโ€™ve also streamlined the web site for use on Smart phones.

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