Top 10 California Reservoirs

Rapidly Depleting Reservoirs throughout California

Folsom, CA- The latest drought updates and status of California’s 10 largest reservoirs.

As deadly floods inundate major sections of the southeast and east coast, bone-dry conditions and raging wildfires persist throughout California and the west.

Cities throughout California have tightened water restrictions in an effort to navigate extreme drought. Communities such as Roseville and Folsom have mandated 20 percent cutbacks, while in Mendocino County, wells have run dry as the community is forced to import water by the truck load.

With the exception of the Don Pedro reservoir, all California’s reservoirs have fallen well below 50 percent capacity. Stark signs of drought fatigue are everywhere with the wet season still months away.

Locally Depleted Reservoirs

Folsom Lake, a critical water supply to the Sacramento region is among the most depleted reservoirs among California’s Top 10. Lake Oroville at nearly four times the size of Folsom Lake isn’t faring much better. Folsom Lake is currently at 24% capacity , while Lake Oroville sits at 23% capacity.

Lake Oroville 2017

Did You Know?

  • Taller than the Hoover Dam, the Lake Oroville Dam at 770 feet is the tallest in the United States.
  • An acre foot is approximately 326,000 gallons. The average U.S. household is estimated to use between one half to one acre foot per year.
  • In 2017, the Lake Oroville Dam spillway at risk of failure caused a large scale evacuation

Total Outdoor use accounts for an estimated 30 percent of water use according the U.S. EPA.

Sept 1

RESERVOIR% Capacity% Average
Shasta Lake2743
New Melones3865
Don Pedro5375
Lake Oroville2334
Trinity Lake3547
San Luis Res1332
New Bullards Bar4465
Lake McClure2545
Pine Flat Res2052
Folsom Lake2438

Top 10 California Reservoirs – Aug 1

RESERVOIR% Capacity% Average
Shasta Lake3245
New Melones4370
Don Pedro5774
Lake Orovillenot reporting
Trinity Lake4151
San Luis Res2042
New Bullards Bar4862
Lake McClure3050
Pine Flat Res2142
Folsom Lake2535

Top 10 California Reservoirs – July 4

RESERVOIR% Capacity% Average
Shasta Lake3848
New Melones5079
Don Pedro6177
Lake Oroville3139
Trinity Lake4755
San Luis Res3251
New Bullards Bar5362
Lake McClure3753
Pine Flat Res2841
Folsom Lake2935

Top 10 California Reservoirs – June 10

RESERVOIRStorage (Acre Feet)% Capacity% Average
Shasta Lake1,907,4814250
New Melones1,329,6075587
Don Pedro1,316,8166584
Lake Oroville1,291,5563744
Trinity Lake1,231,0525058
San Luis Res827,6174154
New Bullards Bar550,2145766
Lake McClure432,5434261
Pine Flat Res394,3373955
Folsom Lake346,3583542
data source: California Dept of Water Resources


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