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The start of a new year is often a time of reflection on the past year, both personally and professionally, as well as a time to look forward to the year ahead.

This New Yearย… is brimming with possibilities of a better life for you, your friends and family. It gives you an opportunity to turn the tide against the negative impacts of last year. We want to take this opportunity to wish you the best health ever.

Your weight is absolutely crucial to how you manifest great health.

Unfortunately, if you’re like a lot of people, you may have put on some extra pounds over the holidays. Or even over the entire course of last year. Pounds that you may find difficult to shed as you gear up for the outdoor fun of spring and summer!
By the time winter loosens its grasp, you’ll want to jump into all the activities of warmer weather — swimming, bike riding, cookouts, playing by the beach. And certainly you’ll want to have summer fun while looking your best ever ย— and being at your fittest!

However, remaining overweight is clearly not the path to feeling fit and fabulous. And it’s no secret that obesity is an epidemic in America, and many other countries today.

Two out of three people are overweight — and one out of three is clinically obese. And at any given point in time, up to 35% of all Americans are trying to lose weight.

Every year, the overweight and obese spend a shocking $50-90 billion on products and services to lose weight.

This includes many people joining commercial weight loss centers and buying their expensive packaged foods. They demand your time to attend meetings. Plus, their food products are expensive — and offer little flexibility to meet the needs of your particular Nutritional Type. And the positive effect of visiting them can often disappear as soon as you return home to your ‘real life’.

It might shock you to know that there is a whopping 90 percent failure rate with most commercial weight loss programs.

And when you fail, it’s not uncommon to get down on yourself — and then find your self-esteem plummeting and your weight rising. Not exactly the goal you were seeking.

The first step in starting your healthy weight loss journey is to schedule an appointment with a doctor who specializes in Medical Weight Loss. Let the receptionist know you’ll need a little extra time to talk to your doctor.

It’s Time to Talk!

You may feel slightly uncomfortable talking to our doctor about your weight, but try not to worry.

Remember, our doctor is here to help you.

If your weight is affecting your physical well-being, it’s time to leave embarrassment behind and talk honestly with her.  

Plan to fully address any medical conditions that influence your diet and nutritional requirements or that can limit your ability to exercise.

Get Clear on Contributing Factors

Weight gain does usually come down to calories in versus calories out, but sometimes there are other medically related factors that can cause you to put on extra weight.

Talk to our doctor about contributing factors to your weight; ask if she thinks an underlying cause may be to blame. (E.g. Are you taking medications? Have you had your thyroid tested?)

Get Your Questions Ready
You may wish to write down questions before you go and to bring a pen and notebook to take notes as you talk.

Here are some ideas for questions:

  • Do I need to lose weight?What should my weight goal be?
  • Are any of my health conditions related to my weight?
  • Am I at risk of developing other conditions because of my weight?
  • Do any of the prescriptions I currently take contribute to weight gain?
  • How is my metabolism?
  • Is weight loss medication right for me?
  • Is weight loss surgery an option for me?

    Be Prepared to Answer

    Our doctor may have some questions for you, too. For example, she may ask how many meals and snacks you eat each day, how often you eat away from home, and what types of restaurants you visit.

You shouldn’t be offended or worried if our doctor starts asking you these types of questions. The American Academy of Family Physicians actually recommends that doctors ask their patients these questions in order to assess their nutritional history.

If you are thinking about starting a particular diet or weight loss program, bring the details of it to your appointment so that our doctor can review it for safety and effectiveness.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Ask if any of your conditions can be improved with weight loss; some health conditions can improve after you lose as little as 10 percent of your weight.

Our doctor may ask you to schedule follow-up appointments so she can continue to check your weight and health status. She may also wish for you to have regular lab work if you are currently being treated for any health conditions.

One of the great “fringe benefits” of weight loss is that patients can sometimes discontinue medications as losing weight improves their health (e.g. blood pressure medication); regular check-ins will indicate if this is happening in your situation.

Do not discontinue any medications just because you start to feel better. Wait for your doctor’s approval. You can start right now to be your all-time, year-round best. It’s a whole new year!

Imagine yourself feeling better, slimmer, and more energetic. Looking great in summer styles you haven’t been able to wear in years. And joining in activities you used to only watch from the sidelines.

Best of all, envision yourself enhancing your health by shedding those pounds that could create health concerns for you. Giving yourself wellness benefits for years to come — even after summer ends. Being there to share life with those you love.

Today’s the day! The holidays are over and this brand-new year is the ideal time for you to take action. The “new you” is ready to shed last year’s body.

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