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Sacramento, Calif – Successful companies turn to independent design studios that focus on quality design for the solution to their marketing and strategic graphic design needs and many other companies are following suit in an economic downturn.

‘It’s critical for businesses to maintain the company image they have worked hard to create, especially in a tough economy,’ explains Roger Cline, owner of CLINE&CO Design, an independent design studio operating here in the Sacramento area, servicing nationally.

Companies have many options to consider when researching what type of establishment to use for their graphic design needs. Many are turning to the small handful of independent design houses that focus on high-end strategic design and that possess a business plan that allows their customers to pay only for the services they need. By doing so businesses avoid the added expense of overhead fees often charged by large companies.

Roger owner of CLINE&CO Design created his business plan with this approach in mind. ‘I used my 15 years of experience to develop a strong team of outstanding business associates; we design everything from logos to catalogs to e-commerce websites. My clients receive exceptional quality design services, resulting in unique and effective products every time.’

Throughout its life span, a company invests large amounts of money, time and research to create a solid company identity and its components, including logos, websites, catalogs and all other marketing collateral. An investment in good design creates strong customer confidence and instant company credibility with existing clients, potential clients and competitors. Cutting corners on quality design inhibits customers’ confidence by raising questions about a company”s stability. The price companies’ pay in an attempt to recapture customers’ confidence far outweighs the costs of doing it correctly the first time. Resilient companies maintain their industry lead through effective marketing and excellent design, by taking advantage of the services offered by high quality independent design studios such as CLINE&CO Design.

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