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Update on Suspicous Incident Involving Youths

Earlier this week the Roseville Police Department issued a press release warning of a suspicious incident on Oak Ridge Drive. On Monday evening, a couple in an SUV contacted a couple of 13 and 14-year-old boys and offered them money to help search for a lost dog. The boys kept their distance and declined, fearing that the offer of money was a ploy to lure them into the vehicle.

A local couple recognized themselves in news coverage of the incident, and contacted the Roseville Police Department. They were indeed out looking for their missing dog, and solicited the boys’ help in finding the dog. They related that they now understand how their actions might have appeared suspicious to the two boys.

Roseville Police Chief Joel Neves said, “Fortunately, in this incident, the ‘strangers’ involved had innocent motives, but the boys did not know that at the time. The boys acted appropriately by keeping their distance from strangers and immediately telling a parent what happened.”

Original article

At about 7:30 p.m. Monday, August 7, a stranger reportedly contacted two boys on Oak Ridge Drive near Wendy Court and offered them money to help him find a lost dog. 

The boys, ages 13 and 14, reported that they were riding their bicycles on Oak Ridge Drive when a newer black Dodge Durango SUV stopped near them. The SUV driver, described as a white male in his fifties with gray hair in a comb-over style, offered the boys $100 to help him find a lost dog. The boys kept their distance and declined. The man, who was accompanied by a white female passenger, drove away north on Oak Ridge Drive without further incident.

“The boys did exactly the right thing,” Roseville Police Chief Joel Neves said.  “They were cautious when approached by a stranger, and they immediately told a parent what happened.”

Chief Neves added, “This is a good opportunity for parents to remind their children to be cautious about strangers.  Strangers should not ask children for directions or for help finding lost pets. If strangers need help, they should ask another adult. Teach your kids to ‘yell and tell’ if a stranger approaches them inappropriately.”

Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to call the Roseville Police Department Investigations Unit at (916)774-5070.