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UPDATE: University Withdraws from Placer County Plans

Roseville, CA, – The University Development Foundation and the University of Warwick have announced that the University of Warwick has decided to withdraw from the effort to establish. Learn more here

Placer County, Calif.  – The University Development Trust, a non-profit working to develop a world-class university offering in Placer County, today welcomed the news from the University of Warwick that it will move forward with plans to establish a major presence in California.

The University of Warwick’s governing Senate and Council in the United Kingdom, which includes Warwick’s academic and student leadership, have agreed to pursue the opportunity, which ultimately would include a campus in Placer County that could accommodate up to 6,000 students.

“The University Development Trust is extremely excited that the leadership, faculty and elected student representatives of the University of Warwick will be moving forward with plans for a major presence in the Greater Sacramento area. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the University as we work to fulfill the vision to bring a world-class private university to our region,” the organization said.

Kyriakos Tsakopoulos, co-chairman of the University Development Trust, called the news “a tremendous step forward for the Greater Sacramento area.”

“It is thrilling that The University of Warwick, one of the premier world universities, has taken the first official step to establish a new campus in our region,” Mr. Tsakopoulos said.  “I am confident that Warwick, which achieved astounding world class success since its founding in England in 1965, will match that success in vibrant Northern California.”

The effort to attract a major private university to Placer County began more than 15 years ago, fueled by a commitment to donate 1,159 acres just west of Roseville to be used for a campus and an adjacent community. The donation in December 2012 from the Sofia and Angelo K. Tsakopoulos Family, William and Claudia Cummings, the Wayne L. Prim Family and more than 40 partners in the Placer 2780 Partnership.

The phased project will first develop teaching in a small number of postgraduate courses that would be offered in interim accommodation. As the project then develops dedicated teaching facilities will be created and undergraduate students will be admitted across a range of subjects. The aim would be to have a campus supporting around 6,000 students by 2031.

The project has the strong backing of the private and public sector including both Placer County and the City of Roseville.

“This is a momentous achievement for the Sacramento region,” said Kirk Uhler, Chair of the Placer County Board of Supervisors. “Having a university of Warwick’s international renown, especially in the areas of business and research and development, is a huge step forward in meeting the needs of our current and future residents and businesses.  I want to thank the faculty and staff of Warwick for having the courage to move forward, and thank the Tsakopoulos family and their partners for having the vision and commitment to create this incredible opportunity.”

“I could not be more delighted,” said Placer County Supervisor Robert Weygandt, whose district includes the site for the new university. “The positive implications of a University of Warwick facility in Placer County are enormous in terms of realizing our future potential. In 50 years, I believe we will look back on this event as one of our historically defining moments.”

“The significance of The University of Warwick’s intention to move ahead with a campus in Placer County can’t be overemphasized. Warwick’s presence is pivotal to the realization of the innovation corridor of higher education in Placer County, and its international reputation will raise the profile of our region on a much broader scale,” Roseville Mayor Carol Garcia said. “We know our residents are seeking excellent higher education opportunities in closer proximity, and businesses are locating in areas where they can find the skilled workforce they need.  This dynamic will expand opportunities for graduates to stay in Placer County and enjoy the excellent quality of life this region is known for.”

Roseville Councilmember Tim Herman, a longtime advocate of the university plan, commented: “Having the University of Warwick in South Placer County is very exciting. This university is old enough at 50 years old to have a brand and a legacy and young enough to be entrepreneurial as one of their core traits.  The University of Warwick will bring jobs to our region, create new opportunities and educate our children to be the educated work force we will need in the 21st century.”

“The University of Warwick will bring a positive change to our region for generations to come. The University was born in a field in the United Kingdom and understands the challenges of starting a new campus here in a field in south Placer County,” Councilmember Herman said. “The estimated growth to our economy is approximately one billion dollars a year when the campus is built out. The University of Warwick has a long history of partnerships with business and will work well with local government, private industry and their high achieving students to create a more special place to live, work and play.”

About the University Development Trust

University Development Trust is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that has had a high-level mission focused on educating and informing the American public. Currently, its marquee project is its effort in Placer County, California to develop and start operations of a world class university offering research alongside taught degree curriculum on the 1,159 acres it received as a donation in December of 2012 from the Angelo K. and Sofia Tsakopoulos Family, William and Claudia Cummings, the Wayne L. Prim Family and more than 40 partners in the Placer 2780 Partnership. . The Trust is providing 600 acres of land and the funding to take forward the initiative which University Development Trust sees as its key project.

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