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ROSEVILLE, CA – – UFood Grill, a groundbreaking new fast-casual restaurant concept, will soon provide consumers in and around Roseville with a convenient spot for great food with lots of flavor, fun, and variety.  The brainchild of Boston Market founder, George Naddaff, UFood Grill represents, ‘the next generation of fast food.’  Shane and Wendi Vogel and John and Tami Peed, the Roseville area franchisees for the location opening at the Nugget Shopping Center on the corner of Fairway Drive and Pleasant Grove Boulevard, plan to celebrate the launch of the new Roseville UFood Grill by hosting a special ‘Grand Opening’ community fundraising event on September 18, 2007, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Roseville.

On Tuesday, September 18, 2007, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Rotary members and other Roseville community volunteers will be acting as UFood Grill ‘Celebrity Waiters’ (delivering food to customers after they order), ‘Celebrity Samplers’ (offering food samples and gifts to store visitors), and ‘Rotary Guest Hosts’ (blowing up balloons and enthusiastically encouraging customer support).  In return for these efforts, Vogel and Peed will donate all of the net proceeds raised from the September 18 UFood Grill sales to the Rotary Club Foundation. 

⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

The Rotary Club of Roseville’s foundation funds a variety of programs benefiting regional children and families.  Among the foundation’s benevolent activities include: ‘Miles of Smiles,’ (providing free dental care and sealants to all Roseville area second and fifth graders), holiday parties, food baskets and resources for homeless and at-risk families and children, dictionaries and books for area schools and libraries, support for scholarships, student and young professionals exchange programs, Scouting troops and youth organizations, Salvation Army, regional hospitals, recreation centers, parks, nature centers and camps, among many other programs.  Additionally, the Rotary Club of Roseville supports national and international human services efforts such as scholarships for girls in an Indian orphanage, wheelchairs and clean-water wells in third-world countries, and polio vaccinations towards the eradication of Polio worldwide. 

‘This is an incredibly generous donation that UFood Grill is offering to our Rotary Club,’ stated Allan Bernhard, President of the Rotary Club of Roseville. ‘And we are excited to be working with the Vogel and Peed families on this fundraising event.  We have already had dozens of Rotary members volunteer to be everything from ‘Celebrity Waiters’ to ‘Dancing Signs’ on September 18th, and everyone has committed to inviting their friends, community leaders, neighbors and families to purchase food and support our cause on that day.  It has been really easy to get people excited about attending, especially after they see the UFood Grill menu.  The meals look so great; our members and friends are clamoring to get inside and try everything!  The fact that eating such good food will also fund dozens of great Rotary programs and area schools and nonprofit organizations makes the whole experience an incredible opportunity for the entire Roseville community!’ 

The September 18 fundraising event at the UFood Grill in Roseville is open to the public, and all community members and guests are encouraged to attend.  The new 2,989 square foot UFood restaurant is located at 721 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Suite 150 in Roseville (near the corner of Fairway Drive and Pleasant Grove Boulevard in the Nugget Market shopping area).  Offering 65 seats within the restaurant, as well as take-out service, the new UFood Grill will also feature a revolutionary, in-house ‘Fresh Energy Bakery,’ creating fresh energy bars in a wide variety of flavors on a daily basis. 

The development of the UFood Grill restaurant concept, and subsequent franchise chain, is the culmination of a three-year development program from an all-star team of restaurant veterans.  Mr. Naddaff began by tapping former Ritz-Carlton Executive Chef, Efrem Cutler, to develop a mouthwatering menu filled with American favorites and innovative originals. UFood Grill takes a back-to-basics approach to tasty, healthful cooking, where everything served is high quality—from choice meats to natural and organic ingredients, fresh produce, whole grains, and light cheeses and dressings.  

UFood Grill’s menu categories include: Burgers, Signature Sandwiches, UBowls™, Wraps, Grilled Entrees, Specialty Salads, Chili, Sides, Smoothies™, and High Protein Prolattas™.  Every dish is baked, grilled or steamed. Nothing in the restaurant is fried–ever! And because healthy means different things to different people, guests are encouraged to customize their meals to their tastes.  

There are presently ten UFood Grill restaurants in operation, and an additional 75 in development. The UFood Grill in Roseville will be the first on the West Coast. 

 ‘Adults will love it, kids will crave it, and vegetarians will flock to it,’ predicts John Peed regarding the new Roseville restaurant. ‘Anyone who wants great taste and also cares about the food they eat, will finally have a restaurant that caters to them.’  

Shane Vogel added, ‘That’s why we are happy that we can introduce our new restaurant to the Roseville community by partnering with Rotary. Rotary cares about the quality and health of our community, just like we care about the quality of our food and good health to our customers. We know that the funds we raise and then donate to Rotary, through our sales during our September 18th ‘Grand Opening’ event, will benefit many programs right in our backyard, and we’re proud that our store will help so many kids and families throughout the region.’ 

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