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Rocklin, Calif.- An old tree, weathered by time and the elements, gave way and fell onto an occupied vehicle as it was being driven in the parking lot of the Safeway Store on Granite Dr. in Rocklin on June 18, 2007.ย 

At about 2:35 PM, a 59-year-old woman was pulling into the parking lot of the 4800 block of Granite Dr. in her Subaru Legacy when the 3′ diameter trunk of a pine tree split in two.  The main part of the tree fell to within a couple of feet of the driver, narrowly missing her.  The windshield of the car sustained a crack and the hood was dented and dinged. 

Rocklin Police Department Officer Tom Platina came upon the odd sight of the fallen tree as it occupied the second lane of the northbound Granite Dr. roadway and the driveway of the parking lot.  He saw a vehicle within the branches and lent his assistance to the driver, who was not trapped in the vehicle but remained inside until Platina assisted her out.  She suffered no injuries but was driven home by friend. 

This is the first time Officer Platina has ever come across an incident like this.  The two year veteran said, “This was astonishing. To see how close the driver actually came to being seriously injured was remarkable.”

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