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Project Updates | I-80 / SR 65 Interchange Improvements

Roseville, Calif. – Are you confused about the planned improvements on the I-80/ SR 65 interchange?

Almost every motorist who’s traveled in the Placer region has been stuck in traffic on the highways near the I-80/SR 65 interchange.

Regardless of which direction or what time, the traffic seems to come to a complete stop near the interchange. In 1990, the traffic count on I-80 at SR 65 was at 74,000, and jumped to 173,900, tripling, in 2015. Although this population impacted the interchange significantly, I-80 still remains the only all-weather crossing through the Sierras for 1000 miles and connection for goods movement from the Port of Oakland and Central Valley to the rest of the U.S., which also impacts the amount of traffic on the interchange. Federal and State funding will help pay for these interchange improvements, but this project keep moving forward because of us coming up with our fair share of funding.

However, PCTPA and its partners (Caltrans, the County, the cities of Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln) have created a phased approach which will allow them to move forward on fixing the problem on an incremental basis.

The first phase of the Interstate 80/State Route 65 Improvement Project is expected to bring relief to motorists that are stuck in the back-up on Interstate 80. This phase will provide a third lane on northbound Highway 65 from I-80 to Pleasant Grove Boulevard and improvements to the Galleria Boulevard/Stanford Ranch Road interchange.

Overall, the interchange will see an increase of one additional lane to each of the four connectors between State Route 65 and Interstate 80. In addition, improvements also include maintaining the existing I-80 access at Taylor Road and eliminating the weaving on I-80 eastbound between Eureka Road and Highway 65.

Funding this project has been a challenge, but PCTPA and its’ partners garnered several funding sources to complete this first phase. The I-80 Bottleneck project was completed under budget, thus, PCTPA is able to use nearly $10 million dollars from that project savings. Other local funding sources include traffic mitigation fees assessed on local developments.

Unfortunately, PCTPA has maxed out the local funding sources and will need to find other local funding sources to move forward on further phases.

Funding sources breakdown: Phase 1

Total Cost Breakdown = $50 Million
Caltrans Share = $28.8 Million
PCTPA Earmark Savings = $9.9 million
PCTPA Prop 1B Freight Fund = $3.6 million
Highway 65 JPA Share = $6.0 Million
SPRTA Share = $1.7 million

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