Recreation and Entertainment on a Tight Budget

Roseville, Calif- Having a great time can get expensive. It doesn’t always have to be. If you’re looking to cut back or have a growing family, it’s time to get a little creative when planning. Maximum fun at minimal cost always delivers extra smiles.

We’ve prepared our list of Top 10 Free Things To Do (or almost free!) in Roseville and Rocklin.

Top 10 Free Things To Do

1: Explore the Trails

Roseville and Rocklin maintain a growing network of paved and unpaved trails. As suburban sprawl expands so does this fun maze of trails that help keep neighborhoods and parks connected. Explore on bike or by foot during Spring for beautiful displays of wildflowers, vernal ponds and roaring creeks. Popular home for turkeys, owls, rabbits, squirrels, deer and snakes.

2. Music

Sometimes you just want to listen to some music and chill out without your wallet taking a beating. Toss a couple water bottles and snacks into your pack and check out the plethora a free music opportunities around town. Free music happens regularly during the warmer months in downtown, local parks and shopping plazas. Fun, inexpensive and nearby!

3. Movies

Grab the young ones for free movies at local parks. Mingle with neighbors, invite friends and let the kids have a ball. Bring a blanket and popcorn. Bonus: Watch some of the Movies filmed in Placer County!

4. Library

Libraries are cooler than ever, figuratively and literally! It’s fun to explore aisle after aisle of books in a quiet and relaxed setting. Now with a wealth of entertainment videos and music to check out, there’s something for everyone. Look into free programs for the little ones.

5. Model Home Tours

You may not be looking to move, but model home tours can be a great idea starter for your next project. If you’re remodeling or planning a move in the future, touring new homes and neighborhoods just might help jumpstart the creative process. There are seemingly endless new developments around town for inspiration!

6. Take a History Tour

Gain some insights and appreciation of your community by learning a little bit of its history. Self guided tours in Rocklin & Roseville are a breeze. Contact the local Historical Society for details.

7. Go to the Park

Sure, it’s the most obvious suggestion and perhaps one that is also most overlooked. There’s something restorative about spending a few hours at a local park. Play, unwind, enjoy! Check out top picks in our Roseville vs Rocklin matchup!

8. Catch a Sporting Event

From the competitive to the recreational, indoor to outdoor, South Placer sporting events are on the rise. Sit back and watch the competition heat up at local fields, high schools sports and aquatic centers as the next generation of superstars take the field.

9. Photography

You don’t need to be Ansel Adams to capture life that surrounds you. Grab your camera or smartphone, try something different while having fun. Make memories and share the best moments!

10. Plan a Meal Together

Try something completely new. Scour the Internet for a unique dish, head to the local farmers market or grocer and spend some time together preparing for mealtime. Throw on some tunes, open a bottle of… and enjoy!


11. Have a Yard Sale and make some coin!

Hoarder alert! The amount of storage units in South Placer is shocking. People accumulate much more than they have room for! Compile all the stuff you no longer want or have a need for and turn it into quick cash with a yard sale. The old saying “less is more” feels even better with some extra cash in your pocket!

Take some of that extra cash you just earned and spend it at one of the small, locally owned businesses in your own neighborhood.

What cool free ideas have we totally missed? Share it with us here!

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