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Rocklin, Calif.- The Rocklin Police Department would like to make community members aware of a telephone scam targeting senior citizens in the Rocklin area.

It starts with a telephone call to a senior citizen made by someone pretending to be the senior citizen’s grandson or granddaughter.ย  The caller asks the senior citizen to wire them money because they are traveling abroad and are in some type of trouble.

The trouble typically involves having their wallet stolen, being arrested, being seriously ill, or being involved in a traffic accident.ย  The caller sounds believable and in many cases uses the actual names of all parties involved.

In at least one case, a victim actually wired money.ย  In another case, an alert bank teller prevented a customer from losing $3,000.ย  Fortunately the customer told the teller why he was withdrawing the money and the teller realized it was a scam. The customer made a few calls and verified that his grandson was not traveling and had not been arrested.

ย Please pass this alert on to your family, friends and neighbors

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