New California Laws

New California Laws 2024: Part 8

Sacramento, Calif.- Part 8 in New California Laws for 2024 includes laws currently chaptered in the 2023-24 legislative session. This installment includes laws on diversity curriculum, cannabis, solar energy systems, child support and more.

For full and specific text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

New California Laws 2024 (part 8)

AB-1078Instructional materials and curriculum: diversity.
AB-1080Criminal justice realignment.
AB-1088Licensed craft distillers: direct shipping.
AB-1096Educational instruction: language of instruction.
AB-1097Use tax: registration: qualified purchaser.
AB-1104Corrections and rehabilitation: sentencing.
AB-1109Product sales: sodium nitrite.
AB-1114Planning and zoning: housing development projects: postentitlement phase permits.
AB-1115Barry Keene Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Trust Fund Act of 1989: brownfields remediation and redevelopment.
AB-1116Money Transmission Act.
AB-1118Criminal procedure: discrimination.
AB-1119Enforcement of judgments.
AB-1121Public works: ineligibility list.
AB-1125Vehicle Code: infractions.
AB-1126Cannabis: citation and fine.
AB-1127Teachers: professional development: Bilingual Teacher Professional Development Program: eligibility.
AB-1130Substance use disorder.
AB-1132Solar energy systems: permit fees.
AB-1136State Athletic Commission: mixed martial arts: retirement benefit.
AB-1138Postsecondary education: sexual assault and sexual violence prevention: medical examinations transportation services.
AB-1139Recognition of tribal court money judgments: tribal sales taxes.
AB-1148Child support suspension.
AB-1150Parks, recreation, and vessels: omnibus.
AB-1151Community colleges: civic centers: uses: insurance.
AB-1159California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: natural and working lands: market-based compliance mechanisms.
AB-1163Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Disparities Reduction Act.
AB-1165Pupil discipline: racist bullying, harassment, or intimidation: restorative justice practice.
AB-1166Liability for opioid antagonist administration.
AB-1167Oil and gas: acquisition: bonding requirements.
AB-1171Cannabis: private right of action.
AB-1172Integrated energy policy report: fusion energy.
AB-1173College and career fairs.
AB-1175Outdoor advertising displays: redevelopment agency project areas.
AB-1179Family law: attorneyโ€™s fees.
AB-1185California State Nonprofit Security Grant Program.
AB-1187California Victim Compensation Board: reimbursement for personal or technological safety devices or services.
AB-1194California Privacy Rights Act of 2020: exemptions: abortion services.
AB-1203Sales and use taxes: exemptions: breast pumps and related supplies.
AB-1204Contractors: contracts: restrictions.
AB-1210Sodium nitrite.
AB-1216Wastewater treatment plants: monitoring of air pollutants.
AB-1217Business pandemic relief.
AB-1218Development projects: demolition of residential dwelling units.
AB-1219Elections: ballots.
AB-1226Corrections: Placement of incarcerated persons.
AB-1227Elections: County of Santa Clara.
AB-1228Fast food restaurant industry: Fast Food Council: health, safety, employment, and minimum wage.
AB-1233Substance abuse: Naloxone Distribution Project: tribal governments.

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New California Laws

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