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Annual Series on New California Laws

Sacramento, Calif.- Part 26, the final installment in New California Laws for 2022 includes civil rights, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, horse racing, fire protection, surplus property and more. The Democrats currently hold veto-proof super majorities in both houses.

For full text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

California Laws 2022 โ€“ Part 26

SB-806ย Healing arts.
SB-807ย Enforcement of civil rights: Department of Fair Employment and Housing.
SB-810ย Validations.
SB-811ย Validations.
SB-812ย Validations.
SB-813ย Local Government Omnibus Act of 2021.
SB-814ย Transportation: omnibus bill.
SB-815ย Meat processing establishment, custom livestock slaughterhouse, and poultry plants: licensing and inspectors.
SB-816ย Master Mutual Aid Agreement: tribes.
SB-817ย Fire protection: Office of the State Fire Marshal: State Board of Fire Services: membership.
SB-819ย Gambling Control Act.
SB-820ย Horse racing: state-designated fairs: allocation of revenues: gross receipts for sales and use tax.
SB-821ย Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Delta Independent Science Board.
SB-822ย Marine resources.
SB-823ย Public health: omnibus bill.
SB-824ย California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.
SB-825ย Tax and fee administration: local government finance.
SB-826ย Business and professions.
SB-827ย Public Safety Omnibus.
SB-828ย Surplus state real property: disposal.

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New California Laws

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