New California Laws

New California Laws 2024: Part 11

Sacramento, Calif.- Part 11 in New California Laws for 2024 includes laws currently chaptered in Sacramento during the 2023-24 legislative session. This installment includes laws on electronic prescriptions, license renewals, safe drinking water, human trafficking, pupil health, and more.

For full and specific text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

New California Laws 2024 (part 11)

AB-1540Postsecondary education: nonresident tuition: exemption.
AB-1541Community colleges: governing board membership: student members.
AB-1548Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: grant program: recycling infrastructure projects.
AB-1557Pharmacy: electronic prescriptions.
AB-1560Crematories: change in ownership.
AB-1566Department of Veterans Affairs: veteransโ€™ services.
AB-1572Potable water: nonfunctional turf.
AB-1578Insurance licensees.
AB-1583California Seed Law: subventions: sunset extension.
AB-1587Financial transactions: firearms merchants: merchant category code.
AB-1594Medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles: public agency utilities.
AB-1598Gun violence: firearm safety education.
AB-1605High schools: military services: United States Space Force.
AB-1606Driverโ€™s license renewal alternatives.
AB-1607Los Angeles County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency.
AB-1611Fish and Game Code: violations.
AB-1620Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act: permanent disabilities: comparable or smaller units.
AB-1627California Safe Drinking Water Act.
AB-1633Housing Accountability Act: disapprovals: California Environmental Quality Act.
AB-1637Local government: internet websites and email addresses.
AB-1638Local government: emergency response services: use of languages other than English.
AB-1643Juveniles: informal supervision.
AB-1646Physicians and surgeons: postgraduate training: guest rotations.
AB-1649Local Agency Public Construction Act: change orders: County of Santa Clara.
AB-1650Family law proceedings: custody, parentage, and adoption.
AB-1651Pupil health: emergency medical care: epinephrine auto-injectors.
AB-1653Interscholastic athletic programs: emergency action plans: heat illness: guidelines.
AB-1658Tribal gaming: compact amendment ratification.
AB-1668Alcoholic beverages: licenses: County of Placer.
AB-1673Outdoor Advertising Act: local governmental entities: relocation.
AB-1679Transactions and use taxes: County of Los Angeles: homelessness.
AB-1684Local ordinances: fines and penalties: cannabis.
AB-1686Ports and harbors: Martinez Marina.
AB-1697Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.
AB-1701Black infant health: California Perinatal Equity Initiative.
AB-1703State Athletic Commission: boxing.
AB-1704Alcoholic beverage licenses.
AB-1706Public trust lands: Encinal Terminals public trust lands: City of Alameda.
AB-1707Health professionals and facilities: adverse actions based on another stateโ€™s law.
AB-1716Hazardous wastes and materials: certified unified program agencies.
AB-1720Clinics: prenatal screening.
AB-1722Pupil health: credentialed school nurses, registered nurses, and licensed vocational nurses.
AB-1731CURES database: buprenorphine.
AB-1734Local Government: Surplus Land Act: exemptions.
AB-1735Transit districts: prohibition orders.
AB-1736Water replenishment districts: competitive bidding.
AB-1740Human trafficking: notice: pediatric care facilities.
AB-1745Public postsecondary education: veterans: waiver of mandatory systemwide tuition and fees.
AB-1752Bees: pesticides: civil penalties.
AB-1753Local government: reorganization.

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New California Laws

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