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Sacramento, Calif.- Part 25 in New California Laws for 2022. This holiday installment includes vaccination sites, surplus land, CPR training, water shortage, criminal law, health care coverage and more. The Democrats currently hold veto-proof super majorities in both houses.

For full text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

California Laws 2022 – Part 25

SB-703 Diseased animals: laboratory services.
SB-708 Water shortage emergencies: declarations: deenergization events.
SB-709 Z’Berg-Nejedly Forest Practice Act of 1973: timber harvesting plans: extensions.
SB-712 Local government: California tribes: federal fee-to-trust applications to regain ancestral lands.
SB-714 Democratic Party: county central committees: appointment and election.
SB-715 Criminal law.
SB-716 Land use: habitat restoration and enhancement: mitigation lands.
SB-718 Health care coverage: small employer groups.
SB-721 California Farmworker Day.
SB-722 Pupil safety: swimming pools: adult presence: cardiopulmonary resuscitation training.
SB-727 Labor-related liabilities: direct contractor.
SB-728 Density Bonus Law: purchase of density bonus units by nonprofit housing organizations.
SB-734 Redevelopment agencies: passthrough agreements: modification.
SB-737 California Student Opportunity and Access Program.
SB-742 Vaccination sites: unlawful activities: obstructing, intimidating, or harassing.
SB-753 Unemployment information: California Workforce Development Board: program outcomes.
SB-756 Home weatherization services for low-income customers.
SB-757 Solar energy system improvements: consumer protection.
SB-762 Contracts.
SB-775 Felony murder: resentencing.
SB-776 Safe drinking water and water quality.
SB-779 California Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act: earn and learn programs.
SB-780 Local finance: public investment authorities.
SB-790 Wildlife connectivity actions: compensatory mitigation credits.
SB-791 California Surplus Land Unit.
SB-796 State parks: state beaches: County of Los Angeles: Manhattan State Beach: deed restrictions: taxation.
SB-800 Real estate: licenses.
SB-801 Healing arts: Board of Behavioral Sciences: Board of Psychology: licensees.
SB-802 Private postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009.
SB-803 Barbering and cosmetology.

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New California Laws

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