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Sacramento, Calif.- Part 16 in New California Laws for 2022 includes ticket sellers, public contracts, veterinary medical board, worker classification, nursing, state claims victim compensation and more.

For full text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

California Laws 2022 – Part 16

AB-1532 Nursing.
AB-1533 Pharmacy.
AB-1534 California State Board of Optometry: optometry: opticianry.
AB-1535 Veterinary Medical Board: application and examination: discipline and citation.
AB-1536 Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians of the State of California: vocational nursing and psychiatric technicians.
AB-1537 The California Massage Therapy Council.
AB-1540 Criminal procedure: resentencing.
AB-1541 Insurance: Guarantee Association.
AB-1546 City of Alhambra: charter amendment: Alhambra Unified School District: California Voting Rights Act.
AB-1550 Higher education labor relations: employee organizations.
AB-1556 Ticket sellers.
AB-1561 Worker classification: employees and independent contractors.
AB-1570 Public resources: omnibus bill.
AB-1574 Public contracts: small business liaisons and advocates and disabled veteran business enterprises: preferences.
AB-1578 Judiciary omnibus.
AB-1579 Family law omnibus.
AB-1580 Enforcement of money judgments: examination.
AB-1581 Local government: omnibus.
AB-1582 Income taxes: withholding: real property sales: Katz-Harris Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Act: report.
AB-1583 Property taxation: equalized assessment roll: aircrafts.
AB-1584 Housing omnibus.
AB-1585 Health care.
AB-1587 California Horse Racing Board: public records: criminal offender record information.
AB-1589 Alcoholic beverages: appeals: tied-house restrictions.
AB-1590 Political Reform Act of 1974.
AB-1591 Elections omnibus bill.
AB-1592 Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District: contracts.
AB-1593 State claims: California Victim Compensation Board: Government Claims Program.

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