New California Laws

Annual Series on New California Laws

Sacramento, Calif.- Annual series marches forward with our latest installment of New California Laws 2022. Part 12 in New California Laws for 2022 includes gender neutral retail departments, firearms, CALWorks, wage theft, health care debt and more.

For full text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

California Laws 2022 – Part 12

AB-992 California Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program.
AB-1002 Postsecondary education: course credit for prior military education, training, and service.
AB-1003 Wage theft: grand theft.
AB-1004 CalWORKs eligibility: income exemption: census.
AB-1009 Farm to Community Food Hub Program.
AB-1010 Architects: continuing education.
AB-1015 Board of Registered Nursing: workforce planning: nursing programs: clinical placements.
AB-1020 Health care debt and fair billing.
AB-1023 Contractors and subcontractors: records: penalties.
AB-1024 Hazardous substances: cleanups: milestones and contracting.
AB-1029 Housing elements: prohousing local policies.
AB-1031 State agencies: interns and student assistants: hiring preference.
AB-1033 California Family Rights Act: parent-in-law: small employer family leave mediation: pilot program.
AB-1042 Skilled nursing facilities: unpaid penalties: related parties.
AB-1043 Housing programs: rental housing developments: affordable rent.
AB-1048 Alameda Health System Hospital Authority: labor negotiations.
AB-1055 Foster youth: tribal pupils and voluntarily placed children.
AB-1057 Firearms.
AB-1058 Large water corporations: bill payment options.
AB-1061 Mobilehome Residency Law: water utility charges.
AB-1064 Pharmacy practice: vaccines: independent initiation and administration.
AB-1065 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Mental Health Crisis Prevention Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund.
AB-1066 Priority inland water-contact recreation sites: water quality monitoring.
AB-1079 Trusts: revocation.
AB-1082 California Health Benefits Review Program: extension.
AB-1084 Gender neutral retail departments.
AB-1094 Sexual orientation and gender identity data collection pilot project.
AB-1095 Affordable rental and owner-occupied housing: equity in state and local programs.
AB-1096 Alien: change of terms.
AB-1101 Common interest developments: funds: insurance.

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New California Laws

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