California Laws 2021

California New Laws 2021

Sacramento, CA – Part 24 of New California laws for 2021 includes parentage, foster care, massage therapy, post-secondary education, parking penalties, state armories homeless shelters and more.

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For full text details and authorship regarding individuals laws and the effective dates, just click on the bill number for full text access via the California Legislature.
(Please note: Laws enacted during the previous legislative session have varying effective dates.)

AB-759 Traffic safety: work zones: positive protection measures.
AB-761 State armories: homeless shelters.
AB-762 Public health: fish and shellfish: health advisories.
AB-775 Massage therapy.
AB-779 Acupuncture: place of practice: wall license.
AB-781 Medi-Cal: family respite care.
AB-782 California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: public agencies: land transfers.
AB-784 Sales and use taxes: exemption: California Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project: transit buses.
AB-785 Parentage.
AB-793 Recycling: plastic beverage containers: minimum recycled content.
AB-795 Private cemeteries: endowment funds.
AB-800 Civil actions: confidentiality.
AB-806 Postsecondary education: homeless and former homeless youth.
AB-807 CalWORKs eligibility: income exemptions.
AB-809 Public postsecondary education: child development programs: priority enrollment: Title IX protection: pregnancy and parental status.
AB-814 Vehicles: unlawful access to computer systems.
AB-815 Integrated waste management plans: source reduction and recycling element and household hazardous waste element: dual stream recycling programs.
AB-819 Foster care.
AB-824 Business: preserving access to affordable drugs.
AB-825 San Mateo County Flood and Sea Level Rise Resiliency District.
AB-827 Solid waste: commercial and organic waste: recycling bins.
AB-829 California State University: Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program.
AB-831 Planning and zoning: housing: development application modifications.
AB-833 Parking penalties.
AB-834 Freshwater and Estuarine Harmful Algal Bloom Program.
AB-836 Wildfire Smoke Clean Air Centers for Vulnerable Populations Incentive Pilot Program.
AB-838 Flood management: Mossdale Tract.
AB-840 Alcoholic beverages: licenses: imports.
AB-841 Energy: transportation electrification: energy efficiency programs: School Energy Efficiency Stimulus Program.
AB-845 Continuing education: physicians and surgeons: maternal mental health.
AB-846 Public employment: public officers or employees declared by law to be peace officers.

Coming Up in Part 25 – Accessory dwelling units, search warrants, consumer privacy, property taxation, cannabis cultivation, firearms and more.

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