New California Laws 2020

California’s New Laws Annual Series

Sacramento, CAโ€“ Part 5 in New California laws for 2020 includes disability compensation, cannabis, emergency preparedness, bird, bees, probation, disposition of estates and more.

For full text details and authorship regarding individuals laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

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California Laws 2020 โ€“ Part 5

  • AB-404– Commercial cannabis activity: testing laboratories.
  • AB-406– Disability compensation: paid family leave: application in non-English languages.
  • AB-413– Education: at-promise youth.
  • AB-414– Health care coverage: minimum essential coverage.
  • AB-415– Victim compensation: relocation: pets.
  • AB-419– Food and agriculture.
  • AB-420– The California Cannabis Research Program.
  • AB-423– San Diego County Air Pollution Control District: members and duties.
  • AB-426– In-Home Supportive Services program.
  • AB-430– Housing development: Camp Fire Housing Assistance Act of 2019.
  • AB-433– Probation: notice to victim.
  • AB-436– Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions: advertising: City of Napa.
  • AB-439– Juveniles: competency.
  • AB-450– Bees: Apiary Protection Act.
  • AB-453– Emergency medical services: training.
  • AB-454– Migratory birds: California Migratory Bird Protection Act.
  • AB-456– Public contracts: claim resolution.
  • AB-458– Optometrists: home residence permit.
  • AB-463– Community colleges: faculty members: loan forgiveness.
  • AB-466– Interstate shipments: market milk: 6 percent milk: Office of Farm to Fork: report.
  • AB-467– Competitions on state property: prize compensation: gender equity.
  • AB-469– State records management: records management coordinator.
  • AB-473– Disposition of estate without administration.
  • AB-477– Emergency preparedness: vulnerable populations.
  • AB-484– Crimes: probation.
  • AB-485– Local government: economic development subsidies.
  • AB-487– Department of Water Resources: dams and reservoirs: fees and penalty plus interest.
  • AB-488– California Broadband Council.
  • AB-489– Flood control: state financial assistance: Pajaro River.
  • AB-493– Teachers: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning pupil resources and training.

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New California Laws

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